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# 00128 :  Food and Drinks
I was skimming through various postings to see if anyone had answered the question below but found none.Here it goes... Is it right for a born again believer to drink any form of alcohilic beverages provided that he is not addicted to the same nor does he drink it out of proportion so that he loose his senses. It is a common sight in NA, where people drink beer when it is hot and something strong to survive the cold, or a wine or champagne at dinner. Now the 1st question that will come as a reply would be : How will you glorify God by drinking the above said things. I feel food/drinks/cosmestics/dress/infrastructure are the need of the flesh and we decide what to consume/buy depending on our financial status. (If its about glorifying God then how can a woman glorify god by applying lip gloss/ or how can a person glorify god by buying a $40K car when the same thing requirement can be satisfied by buying a $30K car, or be it house, dress or anything) The second answer would be quoting bioblical references based on how people will be lead to sin and destruction if they are drunkards or are high on alcohol. My question is not based on drunkards and slaves of alcohol, but if you say that one day you eventually become addicted to alcohol, then it would be no different from anyone else who cannot live without a bed coffee/tea continued by 5-6 cups everyday or those who cannot eat a meal of food without non-veg. How do you glorify got in that?. I need a practical answer based on my question ( not considering drunkards) with a reasoning. Lot of youths will be reading this posting, who think "drinking in control" is of no problem even though it is forbidden as per our brethren tradition. I am saying this with confidence because I have met lot of them personally. Hope this will be benifical to all.
Post by : oso2005  View Profile    since : 22 Nov 2006

Reply by : sambudhanoor   View Profile   Since : 23 Nov 2006 5:43:38 AM Close
In the following thread some discussion can be seen related to this subject in the General forum

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Reply by : babugeorge01   View Profile   Since : 4 Jan 2007 11:54:58 PM Close
Proverbs 23: 31-32

Look not thou upon the wine when it is red, when it giveth his color in the cup, when it moveth itself aright. At the last it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder.

Babu George

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Reply by : drjcp   View Profile   Since : 13 Feb 2007 1:06:30 AM Close
The question also has an in-built problem. You have tried to compare drinking and lip-stick. This often happens when we are emotionally upset about something, and feel that another thing should be compared with it.

It is always better not to compare apples with mangoes. Let each of them stand on individual merits.

With this in mind I will venture to pick up the topic of vine.

Johnson C. Philip

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Reply by : drjcp   View Profile   Since : 13 Feb 2007 8:14:32 AM Close
The problem with vine or wine is mainly due to the alcohol which can intoxicate people. You said
<<I need a practical answer based on my question ( not considering drunkards) with a reasoning.>>

Please note the following:

1. Alcohol is used in many ways

2. As solvent, as preservative, as medicine, as antiseptic, and as food.

3. I am sure you know the spirit is used for dissolving organic deposits, and also to preserve biological remains.

3. It is used in ayurvda and allopathy as part of many toics and medicines. It is good for some abdominal problems. It is in this medical sense that Paul asked Timothy to use vine for his abdominal problems.

4. It is used as antiseptic to clean skin and wounds

5. It is used as part of food in cold countries, exactly the way tea is used in India.

6. In Kerala many Brethren believers (probably most) use alcohol to ferment the dough to make "Kallu Appam".

7. All the above uses are legitimate, and some of these are found in the Bible also.

8. However, "drinking" vine, is not part of any of the above for Indians.

Johnson C. Philip

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