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# 01778 :  City of Nahor
Gen 24:10 And the servant took ten camels of the camels of his master, and departed; for all the goods of his master were in his hand: and he arose, and went to Mesopotamia, unto the CITY OF NAHOR. I found this interesting... No map Biblical or Historical, shows this city of Nahor. ~ Babu
Post by : brobabugeorge  View Profile    since : 16 Apr 2009

Reply by : ajaychhatria   View Profile   Since : 16 Apr 2009 5:39:36 AM Close
The city of Nahor(Gene,24:10) is frequently mentioned in the Mari Letters of the eighteenth century B.C. when it was ruled by an Amorite prince.It also is name in the Middle Assyrian documents.It was stuated below Haran in the Bilkah Valley if Upper Mesoptamia(Qote:The New Unger's Bible Dictionary(Merril F.Unger Page 901)
Really you have raised an interesting quest for archeologists to find out the exact location
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Reply by : brobabugeorge   View Profile   Since : 16 Apr 2009 7:24:19 AM Close
If that were true... how come the city of Nahor is missing in absolutely ALL the Bible maps? Could it be that there was no such city named 'Nahor' but that the servant was going to THAT city where Nahor (Abraham's brother) dwelt?

If one said "I am going to the city of Babu George" it simply means he is going to Chennai where Babu George dwells. That's my take on this.

~ Babu

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Reply by : brobabugeorge   View Profile   Since : 25 Apr 2009 5:23:01 PM Close
If Abraham's servant was going to the city that
Nahor dwelt (city of Nahor), then clearly he was
going to choose a girl from Nahor's desendents.
This would prove two facts

1, Nahor also had believed in the God of Abraham.

2, Nahor also left Ur of the Chaldees and traveled
with Abraham and Terah till Haran in Mesopotamia

3, When Abraham said to his servent 'my kindred',
he specifically meant Nahor's family. He had
already heard that Nahor had children and grand

~ Babu

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Reply by : George P. Koshy   View Profile   Since : 27 Apr 2009 12:36:30 PM Close
Dear Babu George,

The maps show the knowledge of the map maker and not the accuracy of the Word of God, or the archeological findings that were made after the making of the maps.

Shalom Malekim!!!

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Reply by : brobabugeorge   View Profile   Since : 29 Apr 2009 10:13:42 AM Close
I fully agree with the accuracy of the Word of
God. My conviction is that there was no city named
Nahor. When the bible says city of Nahor, it means
the city where Nahor dwelt. It implies that the
servant was going straight to Nahor's household
when Abraham told him to go to his kindred.

~ Babu

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Reply by : George P. Koshy   View Profile   Since : 29 Apr 2009 12:47:14 PM Close
Dear Babu George,

If it is your conviction that the city in Genesis 24:10 was the home of Nahor. No one denies that fact. That is why a city was called after a persons name, in the ancient times, in Genesis. At the same time, we should also remember that it was not called the city of Bethuel or Laban, who were also residence of that place.

Your conviction also retains the idea that there was no city with that name, which archeaology has shown otherwise.

Your logic could be considered as, where you live is the 'city of Babu George.' This may or may not be true. Before you began to live in Chennai, you might have lived in another place. In fact, there may be a series of places to mention as your place of residence, in the past. Then all of them are cities of Babu George. Not one city. If there is one city that could be called as the "city of Babu George," then it should be known after your name. [Note: This is only a logical argument.]

Now let me point your attention to Genesis 23:10 and 18. In these two verses, there is an expression, "... of his city." What is the meaning of that expression? How is it different from the expression, "city of Nahor?" There are more verses to study. For example: we read about a "city of Shechem," "city of Arbah," etc.

This is not an issue of doctrines, but of logical reasoning of man's mind. Unfortunately, the archaeology is not on your side and it has already indicated the existence of a city with that name, Nahor, in the distant past. Archaeology also states that that city was within the geographical area that is known as Mesopotamia. (ajaychhatria; 16 Apr 2009 05:39:36 on this thread. You may have to ask him for details.)

When Abrham asked his servant to go to his kindred, that only tells about the sons of Terah and their successors. There is another verse to make your point stronger, while agreeing with the other view. I have given enough hints on this.

Shalom Malekim!!!

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