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# 00189 :  a trip to South!
Dear brethren,
Greetings in the name of our Savior!
Well, its been few weeks that I had returned from my trip to the Sout for the first time in my life. As requested before, I would like to tell you how my experience was.
Well South India, is truly a place that reminded me of :
“Psalm 19
1The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.
2Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.
3There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.
4Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun,
5Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race.
6His going forth is from the end of the heaven, and his circuit unto the ends of it: and there is nothing hid from the heat thereof.”
Well, its very beautiful! With its mountains and sea, blended in the most perfect way…my heart praises the Lord still for giving me the opportunity to witness it.
I saw the sea, as I had never seen it, at Kanyakumari. Nor had I seen mountains so green as in Kearala. The windmills of Tamil Nadu, and the villages of Kerala, are suprising. I was very encouraged seeing the South to have developed so much!
The villages in Kerala, where there were practically no mud-houses( or atleast I hadn’t seen one)…can’t really be called villages, for towns in the North are also not comparable. Well the houses are splendidly designed. All of this was fine. But what surprised me even more was the intensity of Catholic population.
Well those who can’t take criticisms on themselves or regarding place or things belonging to them are advised not to read what I shall write below.
Post by : tinka  View Profile    since : 11 Jan 2008

Reply by : tinka   View Profile   Since : 11 Jan 2008 5:10:04 AM Close
Well you know, the South Indians (I had more contacts with Malayalees than Tamils & Telugus) in the North and N.E. with whom I got to hear their description of South…most of them go “gaga” over it, drawing a very rosy and holy and unblemished picture of it.
Like they would say as to how all in the city would know English, which we found to our disappointment, quite on the contrary. Infact, I had to use, my very limited knowledge of Malayalam to communicate with them. Also many said that how there are no accidents and people don’t do bargaining, etc…all of which I had told my parents, which we witnessed against to their disappointment.
Also often we are told here how wonderful all the believers are there. Infact, I had taken my parents to show them, of a group who are dedicated believers. My action turned against me. We attended the marriage of my friend, at Angamali. And it was difficult to believe what I was seeing. Beleivers, all from assembly, dressed in gaudy apparel, were gathered, as if on a fashion parade. During the sermons of the speakers, and even while prayers were being said, leaving a very small segment of the congregation, all were chatting, and giggling. 80% of the sisters didn’t have their head coverings…I wouldn’t have felt so bad, had my parents and brother not been with me. Later they were telling, that how while they were praying, all were having a merry time, while I was foolishly bowing down my head and praying with them.
Also I couldn’t attend the service at English Assembly, as the brother… I don’t know…anyhow…I missed the worship here at Kolkata, atleast where I can take part in the worship. It was ok till sometime, but when everything goes on in Malayalam, and I can’t understand anything…it was a bit difficult. Also I praise God, for my mentor, who though is so “not-famous” yet lives a living example of humility. I had a disappointing experience with famous evangelists (with the exception of Johnson Achachan)...
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Reply by : tinka   View Profile   Since : 11 Jan 2008 5:10:33 AM Close
who are show that they are so busy or give some excuse that they don’t have time…etc,…etc., they can’t help anyone. Yet they expect, all to help them out. You know, this is not to boast, but this was an example to me, that’s why I’m telling this, my mentor, if he has to bring some brother(s) to the assembly, even on Sunday even if required at 3 or 4 at night, or any time (making sure that he reaches at proper time for the worship), he goes miles to bring them. I praise God that my mentor is not famous. I understand that all don’t have the gift, but love should be sufficient factor to guide anyone.
But indeed I must admit that the overall spiritual condition of believers are much better still, than what we have in Bengal, and other places, I believe. They are more active for the Lord and more dedicated too. The people were very nice and loving and very lovable.
Over all, my trip was very nice and very educative also. I praise God for South India, where the place truly declares the glory of God and the believers, though with few scars, will definitely make a very chaste wife in the coming days, for our heavenly Husband, Lord Jesus!
Sincerely in Christ,
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Reply by : mom23   View Profile   Since : 11 Jan 2008 4:26:35 PM Close
Hello my dear sister Tinka,
I am glad you were able to make a trip south and see some of our Lord's creations. It awes my heart just looking at the glory, majesty and beauty of a sunset sometimes...Oh! the beauty,the colors!!! And He made all this and us all in 7 days !!!
I am sorry about your experiences with beleivers there though. Sometimes, (and I have been a witness to this), Malayalees do tend to go over-board on their description of how wonderful it all is in their state!!! Not so much true though. But I guess the lesson we can learn is not to look at one another but focus only unto God for all our spiritual and earthly needs and He provides. I learnt that a long time ago that there are few that are truly connected and who take their walk with the Lord if I focus on the people around me to set examples, I will be disappointed...focus only on God.
But it is scary that we forget that we are going to have to answer to our Lord one day...... to actually stand in front of God and justify all our callous conduct!!!....that in itself should be a wake-up call on how we treat our fellow believers. But that's just my thought !!!
Take care dear sister...
A fellow sister in Christ,
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Reply by : sambudhanoor   View Profile   Since : 12 Jan 2008 5:37:13 AM Close
Dear Sister Tinka

Thanks you for the explanaton of your visit to Kerala with negative and more positive feelings, God belss you.

Whereever we go we may see these both attitudes, we have to take the positive things and praise the Lord.

It is a positive thing that so many of our brethren are serving as evangelist in Northern India like your Mentor as from Kerala, Praise be to his Holy Name.

Yours Brother in Christ.

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Reply by : tinka   View Profile   Since : 14 Jan 2008 2:16:53 AM Close
Dear brethren,
Thank you for your replies.
Indeed dear sister Judy, you know, I saw the best sun-set in the South, and some of the pictures that shall always remain with me.
Also you know what, when I see my mentor, he did set a standard for the Mayalalees, but one of my causes of grief was that my unbelieving parents were there. I got to mix with the brethren there, my mentor’s family and also believers after the worship. I know the warmth, which they often miss out on. They thus come to the conclusion, that they are friendly to their community people only, and that they are exclusive groups, being tremendously selfish, which I know that they are not so (-I refer only to the true believers) from my experience with them. They strike off my point telling me, that it’s because, they have accepted me to be one of them.
I know them, those who are so genuinely faithful to the Lord, but when unbelievers look at it, its different perspective that they have. One bad conduct, that’s good enough to spoil the entire testimony of the community. Take for example, my parents met some of those people who stay in the Middle East, who had also come to Angamali, at that point of time. Taking from what he had heard and gathered before, he came to the conclusion, that it’s a community of those, who does labour work in the Middle East! This is definitely not true, as even in our own state, there are so many malayalees, who are working in the offices.
Dear bro Sam, indeed the composite whole of Kerala will outbeat my own state 5 times in most on the dimensions, and I really praise God bringing out so many evangelists out of Kerala, but that’s why I had hoped that I’ll be able to show my parents that Christians are not a group of smugglers, etc. but they are wonderful people. Don’t you see that problem, when they witnessed the negative side of the case, which hit them hard...
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Reply by : tinka   View Profile   Since : 14 Jan 2008 2:21:15 AM Close
They liked Kanyakumari, and Tamil Nadu on the whole rather than Kerala.
But also, I personally was shocked to find the wide-spread practice of dowry system! Which is much less here, and it can even cause me a problem later.
Finally, I must say, that due to some association with unbelievers, during the journey(train), where one Tamil person told that there is much bitterness among Tamils and Malayalees, both can’t tolerate the other…all these which I hope and believe wont be among the believers, made my parents to develop a strong distaste towards South, except Kanyakumari. But I liked all of it, and Kerala more, as I could be with so many believers…my father seeing me mix so well among them, went to the extent of prophesying, that a great part of my life, I have to spend in Kerala! But I hope I don’t have to go back to Kerala, before I learn the language well, as its very sad, that when you want to speak to these wonderful people, you can’t and even those people will shy from speaking, understanding that I wont be able to understand. But I could see it in their eyes, how they wanted to speak to me, but kept quite.
But whatever be it, I believe that the Lord who prospers His people, also will guide them in His path and use them more for bringing His glory.
Love you in Christ Jesus,
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Reply by : tinka   View Profile   Since : 14 Jan 2008 3:10:51 AM Close
You know, my dear brethren, I was also surprised to see children of beleivers also watch movies... is it among most, or do you think its an isolated case?
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Reply by : sambudhanoor   View Profile   Since : 14 Jan 2008 11:55:02 PM Close
Dear Sis. Tinka

Now I understand that your parents also accompanying you. It is sad to hear that your un-believing parents got a negative feeling. Suppose they were getting a positive feeling that might have helped them to be closer to the Living God. Some believers act in such a way there are elite groups who do not mind to mingled with normal believers or other language believers, they always look at the status, this will loose our testimony.

It is not the case in everywhere, we have be show humbleness, brotherly love and co-operation to others especially other language believers or others visiting us. There are language barriers that may be also one reason. I would like to be spent more time with new believers, as their brotherly love, eagerness to study the Word of God and enthusiasm to share the Gospel are very visible but generation believers lack those things.

Sorry for the negative experiences and pray that God will help your un-believing parents to come to the grace of God and to accept the Eternal Salvation.

Yours Brother in Christ.

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Reply by : beracah   View Profile   Since : 15 Jan 2008 2:25:15 AM Close

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What we see depends on where we look and our seeing ability. Your intention may be to expose the shortcomings of the believers you visited or to say how bad these Malayalees are; in the process, remember, you are exposing yourself too. I don’t intend to hurt you; but in case you are hurt, my apologies in advance. Take Care.
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Reply by : anne1   View Profile   Since : 15 Jan 2008 12:42:15 PM Close
Sis. Tinka,

Thank you for your frank observations of your trip to Kerala. Kerala is indeed blessed with its beautiful lakes, sunsets & sunrises and lush greenery.

Sorry you had disappointments with the believers conducts. Coming from a non-believing background definitely there are biblical standards we desire to uphold. I’m sad to hear that your parents didn’t get that welcoming experience in Kerala. I had taken some non-believing friends to malayalee churches and they never wanted to come back. In fact one described our assembly as “dead church”. It really saddened me. Sadly to say materialism and lack of practical Christian life is prevalent amongst us. As the generations have passed, we have definitely moved away from the path our forefathers have shown us.

With similar sad experiences behind me I have realized I cannot change any one. The only person that I can change is myself. My prayer is that I would not hinder anyone from coming to the Lord with my actions, I will not show holier than thou attitude to others and chase after material things of this world.

Your observations have only revalidated what I have been thinking and praying about. Thank you for reminding us as to where we can go wrong in our conduct and our walk with God.

I shall definitely pray that our conduct will not hinder your parents from knowing our Savior personally.

God Bless

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Reply by : tinka   View Profile   Since : 17 Jan 2008 3:22:23 AM Close
Dear brethren,
Thanks for your replies. Indeed, dear brother berach, my intention can never be to say “how bad these Malayalees are…” cause, we bengalees don’t even come near to the stand even what my dear brethren in kerala hold. This was the very reason, I had thought of taking my parents to kerala, in the first place.
I hope my posts, have not offended you, if it has done so, please forgive me. If you would come to my home, and listen to the conversation, I have with my parents, when the topic of kerala & malayalees come up, its me, who defends them, from their bitter attack. I’m not trying, to impress you, or project myself, but since I love you brethren in Christ, so I can’t bear to see such blemishes, or contradictions. Its not in a bad perspective, and I don’t know, may be my writing had that effect, that I dislike malayalees, but, the Lord knows the truth.
May be I’m exposing myself in a bad light, but I wouldn’t mind, as long as it would make you cautious. My own self falls far below the stand you people take, so its almost makes me unqualified to tell you all these, but its only that you people understand, so that when our other visiting brethren come, you may know, what he/she might be feeling. I beg your apology once again, if I’ve hurt you.
Dear sister Ann, thank you for your loving patience and I praise Lord for the humility and grace that He has given to you.
Dear bro Sam, you know, due to some reasons, sometimes I have to act as a disobedient kid to my parents, but I had taken them to see, the true culture of a believer’s society. Please pray that even I may be able to live the life of Christ, even before my parents.
May the Lord bless you and use you more for His glory.
Yours in Christ,
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Reply by : ageorge1   View Profile   Since : 20 Jan 2008 10:19:44 PM Close
Dear Sister Tinka,

I understand you are from Calcutta. If so, kindly arrange to give to telephone no. of Eng. Paul Mathew and his correct address since one Brother from our assembly is going to Calcutta for official in the month end.
Yours is Christ


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Reply by : tinka   View Profile   Since : 21 Jan 2008 1:45:35 AM Close
Dear brother A. Geoge,
Yes indeed I’m from Calcutta. Its nice to hear that a brother will come here on visiting. I can give you the name and number & address of my mentor, who is an evangelist here at Kolkata. I don’t know any “Eng. Paul Mathew”, however, if you say, I can definitely try to find out.
My mentor’s name, address & contact number are:
Evg. Paul Varghese
EKTP-1776, FB- 53,
Rajdanga Main Road.
Kolkata- 700107.
Mob: 09433246228
Brother, if you want only the name and contact of ‘ Eng. Paul Mathew’ of whom I’m not aware of, staying in the city of Kolkata, but if you say , I’ll ask my mentor.
Kindly let me know.

Yours’ in Christ Jesus,

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Reply by : ageorge1   View Profile   Since : 21 Jan 2008 2:38:54 AM Close
Dear Sister Tinka,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply in giving the latest address and telephone no. of Br. Paul Varghese whose address actually I wanted . Please note that by mistake I could write "Paul Mathew". This information is sufficient.

In the meantime, Brother Justin, from Goa Brethren Aseembly, will be contacting Br. Paul Varghese after coming to Calcutta.
Thanks once again,

Yours in Christ,


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Reply by : tinka   View Profile   Since : 31 Jan 2008 1:50:25 AM Close
Dear bro A.George,
can you tell me when bro Justin will be coming. My mentor may be out of town for some time. However he'll try to do all arrangement if necessary to help him upto any extent. I hope to meet this brother when he comes here.
it was my priviledge to have given the information, and you don't need to thank me, as I'm already excited to meet my brethren, especially while on this earth!
God be with you.

yours' in Him,

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Reply by : ageorge1   View Profile   Since : 2 Feb 2008 1:20:53 AM Close
Dear Sister Tinka,

Br. Justin's offical duty has postpone as informed. Now he will start from here on 14th Feb.and I have given the address and mob him already. He will contact on the mobile no.given. In case you have any other Mob No. please be given so that I shall give him.

My office mails were not working since last 3 days, thus could not respond earlier than today.



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Reply by : tinka   View Profile   Since : 6 Feb 2008 5:14:46 AM Close
Dear bro A. George,
Thanks for writing back. I can give you that brother, my number, as well as, if you require, other evangelist’s numbers. My mentor wont be in town on 14th of Feb. But we all shall be here. However, if Brother Justin, calls my mentor up, he will definitely do all he can to help. He should be able to make all the arrangements, though not personally, due to the given reasons, but he’ll make the arrangements, I trust.
Meanwhile, you can give him my number also, just in case, its needed.
My number is (+91)/09433580846.

Yours in Him,

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Reply by : nelson   View Profile   Since : 14 Feb 2008 10:56:31 PM Close
Hi, Tinka,

It was a wonderful evaluation of ‘God’s own country’! I wish you may visit that land again and again. You could see both the sides-black and white-positive and negative. I believe you have successfully presented the real picture. I think if you would travel frequently and in different locations in Kerala you may able to see something more and we may be enlightened on the real picture of that state.

Some wise officer in the Kerala Tourism department called Kerala as ‘God’s own country’. But many say, now Devil has taken over it! There are lots of interesting features about the people Kerala, one is that as soon as they cross the border they learn to adopt a totally different lifestyle. In Kerala they may fight, strike, but out side, humble and obedient.

In connection with the believers too, there are wonderful truths—you know, most of the missionaries are from Kerala, whether brethren or others. Most of the financial support for the Lord’s work in India is coming from the kerala Brethren-often from those who live out side Kerala. The practice of giving for the Lord voluntarily is much more in Kerala than anywhere else, even some foreign countries!

Kerala has produced number of great men of God whom God used mightily. Their zeal for the Lord and sacrificing attitude are commendable. Their commitment to the truth of separation was exemplarary. The Lord has placed many of them in the leadership position where ever they are.

At the same time, Tinka, sad to notice that it is from here the deviation is taking place. It is from the here the assembly truths and practices cherished by the forefathers are being thrown out!

If you visit again, meeting the believers from different part of Kerala you may notice those things. I hope you may go, and let us hear again from a third person.

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Reply by : tinka   View Profile   Since : 11 Dec 2008 1:45:05 AM Close
Dear brethren,
I had this wonderful oppurtunity to visit kerala once again last month, and really this time,I was blessed in every moment i spent there.I really got a better perspective of things,&communication was bit easier this time,since I went with my friend, to their family. Infact,this time, the people of Kerala thrilled me.I got to meet &share the gospel with 'hindi' speaking people and have wonderful time of fellowship with the saints there. Moreover, it was real thrill and blessing for me to go to Sathyam Lit. and was touched by the genorosity and helpfulness of people. By God's grace, the owner was so kind to even give all the old books complemenary,&before I went there I hardly had 5 Christian books,&God blessed me with 50. I could never dream of it in Bengal, of people giving away books like that. Even more wonderfully, when I went to a local gathering, I was still thinking that how unable I would be to join in the worship, but by God's amazing grace, not only was I able to understand more of Malayalam but also, one uncle from Michigan was there, (whom bro Tom J and many others of you must be knowing)and he graciously gave his exhortation and translated the entire word ministry into English. Indeed this trip, God showed me, how generous many of my brethren are in Kerala.
Funnily, later I also came to know, that this uncle who had translated the message was also the same person, who had been of the people whom God used to help me find a church and linked me over to the evangelist in Calcutta.
Infact you know, my stay in South had taught me that both my responses before were wrong. Initially I used to think that Malayalees were best people in world. Then in a reaction to that I used to think that they are worst people...but now I know,that among Malayalee brethren(I'm not adressing it as a denomnation),there are some, who are really good, and some not quite good...but really I praise God for letting me have this wonderful experience in Kerala & I learnt that its best to b with English knowing people
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Reply by : tomj   View Profile   Since : 14 Dec 2008 3:22:56 AM Close
Dear Tinka,

I am glad you enjoyed your stay in Kerala this time. The brother who translated the message was Joseph Raju and he showed me your picture along with his wife and few others from their home Assembly.

Hope you are doing well physically and spiritually. May God supply all your needs in His own times through His people.

Tom J

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