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Let us use this facility for our spiritual enrichment and for bringing glory to our Lord almighty.
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# 00200 :  Salvation,Inter-denominational marriage & Backsliding
I post this question with a heavy-heart. I have a friend who has came to the way of Salvation almost two years back.She is basically from an orthodox family and her parents are still in that denomination.But by the grace of God she came across the love of Christ and got born again & was baptized.Now let me come to the point.Her parents are bringing proposals from boys who are not Born Again & Baptized (i mean from other denominations like orthodox n Roman Catholic).For the past one year she kept on rejecting all the proposals brought in by her parents and was hoping that she could marry a born again believer.But nothing great happened.Now her parents are trying to convince that her hope of getting a Born again believer is something that is not going to happen and is forcing her to marry a non believer. Here are my list of Question to the people who are called Brethren(who preach Christ Jesus Crucified) 1.If she marries a non-believer is that a sin? You should take into account that many brethren believers boys or their family hesitated just because she is alone in faith from her family. So if she marries a non-believer is that a sin? 2.I believe that if she gets married to a non-believer there are ample chances that she could end up in Backsliding.So if that is happening are we Brethren (called to be the Torch bearers of Christ) indirectly responsible for it? 3.If a person comes to Christ, does it means a soul is gained? Yea i believe that if a person is in Christ a soul is gained for eternity.But my concern is that the same soul would be lost if he/she backslides.So as fellow believers don't we have the role in keeping them intact in faith ? I do expect valuable answers and suggestions from my fellow believers in this matter. This might be a discussion topic to us, but its really a matter of concern.So please do remember her in your prayers.
Post by : oommen1982  View Profile    since : 6 May 2008

Reply by : muthu   View Profile   Since : 8 May 2008 4:35:06 AM Close
We are unhappy to discuss these types of embarassing issues.
Maximum, we can pray for her.
We traditional brethren have our own limitations regarding converts.
More than us, God will take care of them so why worry?
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Reply by : tomj   View Profile   Since : 8 May 2008 7:40:44 AM Close
Dear Ommmmen,

My heart goes out to this girl and I would like to have her get in touch with my wife and I. A general discussion might not help her. What she needs is practical help.

Could you or her send me an email and get in touch with us.


Tom J

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Reply by : oommen1982   View Profile   Since : 8 May 2008 1:43:54 PM Close
Dear brother muthu,

Thanks for your valuable comments.

From your reply,I got an answer to an other one question also.

Question: Why brethren Churches are diminishing off these days?
Answer : We traditional brethren have our own limitations regarding converts.

But what Christ has taught me is to see everyone in the same way ;either he is a traditional brethren or not.By the blood of Christ everyone is the same.

May almighty God bless you in all your ways.

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Reply by : oommen1982   View Profile   Since : 8 May 2008 1:50:28 PM Close
Dear brother tom,

Thanks for your efforts and your generous mind.
I'll sending my email-id shortly.

May almighty God bless you n your family

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Reply by : fellowchristian   View Profile   Since : 19 May 2008 1:18:29 AM Close
If church is the body of Christ, God stretches His hand through Church to lend any help to His people on earth. If bretheren church feels that it's hands are numb or un-stretcheble to the Head's command, it is time to treat that numbness.
It is God's doing that one of the brethren feels some concern regarding a child of God's need. Presently he is the 'tool' that Lord has chose to use to fulfill His purpose.
It is not necessary to think that there won't be any believing young man in 'brethren churches' willing to accept a newly converted girl. There are many many instances of newly converted boys and girls married to traditional "brethren" families.
If the girl of your concern is not yet a a member in any of the believer's church group, and she continues wearing ornaments, I don't know if it is fair to criticize the 'tradition' or 'orthodoxy' of "Bretherendom".
Sure," God is still on the throne..He will remember His own...".
If we call Him Lord, we have to behave ourselves to justify that we are servants unto Him.

In Christian love,

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Reply by : sajimaniyatt   View Profile   Since : 22 May 2008 6:20:32 AM Close
Dear Brothers,

One of the main attribute that we are a part of living body is sensation or feeling. Paul mentioned in 1 Cori 12: 26 about it very clearly. Some of us have desensitized ourselves to everything and everyone, but that's not functioning as a body. You may not think about your teeth much, but if one tooth begins to hurt, your whole body suffers. Or your little toe might seem very small, but stub it and your whole body reacts. You've never had your hand slap your toe for hurting. Instead, it grabs it, and holds it, to ease the pain. We should have the same attitude towards every member of the body of Christ. If my body gets deep wound, and if I do not have sensation, I call it as a dead part of the body. Anything happens to the body, dead part does not react or feel.

I thank Br. Tom for the initiative taken by him, and at least support him to give good direction rather than discouraging him . Neglecting the feeble members of the body of Christ will hurt us all just as neglecting our nails will result in pain and decreased efficiency of the hand or foot.


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Reply by : hannamathew   View Profile   Since : 15 Jun 2009 4:58:25 AM Close

Dear Brethren,

I was a Hindu, and went through all the tribulations ...But by His Grace I could marry a brethren beleiver.I was strong in by beleif,but as fellow brethrens,all of you have a part to support the new beleivers.I think most of the ' Brethren are not ready to give their children to marry a converted girl or a boy.I got a lots of prayer support and a lot more practical support.Thats a big excuse I always heard God will work for them...I beleive both the prayer and  the output for that is important.I couldnt go outside to worship for long time,but some good ,God fearing beleivers were ready to help, and support my marriage..It doesnt mean that if she doesnt have any fellowship with a local church or she is wearing ornaments,she is a not eligible to call as a beleiver..I dont beleive God wil reject her only because of the ornaments...Meanwhile I want to say,thats the only difference between many of the beleivers and nonbeleivers nowadays...

I had a friend ,who also got salvation and baptised, and married a non beleiver because of the pressure from parents..but she is suffering a lot now.whether it is a sin or not we got a command to marry a beleiver only.she told me dont ever do what I did,because ypu will suffer your whole life..

 My advise to her is as God said to Joshua 'Be strong and of good courage'..He is the God who will look into the hearts always..not like humanbeings, and He knows our desires.

If that brother knows her,let her contact with some beleivers via phone atleast, and let us pray for her..


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