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This Message Forum is to discuss spiritual topics only. Please avoid personal or assembly matters.
Let us use this facility for our spiritual enrichment and for bringing glory to our Lord almighty.
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# 00220 :  plz share with me &help
hi brotherens, m in a great difficuty; i found in our church no christian love.. every people are living worldly.most of the youths(both male and female)drinks and smokes and doing all unworthy works like others. how we can help this? is this the signs of last days? i too some times getting confused and behaving madly..plz share ur thoughts... thank you
Post by : meenasagar  View Profile    since : 26 Dec 2008

Reply by : samuel.v.j   View Profile   Since : 26 Dec 2008 2:00:52 PM Close
Dear "meenasagar"

Hope you have gone to a wrong place , the
practices which you have wrote shouldn't be in
the gathering of the saints who are truly
redeemed by the precious blood of Christ,
I am not to judge about anyone, but let not
anyone take the name of the Lord in vain and
salvation as granted , our God is a loving God,
but he is a God whom we should fear more ,He
executes judgments at an apt time, please pray
that you may find a gathering of saints who seems
to be perfect to the maximum as no one in this
world is perfect, though we should be .



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Reply by : jmeasow   View Profile   Since : 23 Apr 2009 7:34:26 PM Close
As with all other things, the approach is the primary evil. At the time, when church started, it was having an aim, a perfectly charted outline, and a bunch of people, committed to perform. They relied on God, for each and everything.

For us, church is just a time pass. We meet new people, friends, and can relax, at-least once in a week. Christian doctrines has become an old story, repeatedly hearing for past two thousand years.

We need to change our approach. It should start in our personal lives. We must spend more time in prayer and must seek God's guidance in everything we do, including handling problems and taking decisions. Church must regain the unity and spirit, and the whole aim must be to prepare for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

After all, church is meant to be our Lord's bride; Not to be a prostitute to whom we can do whatever we want, with little money and power.

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Reply by : eldomathai   View Profile   Since : 2 Jan 2010 5:04:24 AM Close


Halo meenasagar...

 First an apology for my language..Because my written English is not good  

As we all know these are end days we will see such issues in churches. But we can do few things .Any way I appreciate your concern as a Christian.

1. Absolutly you are in the right place because God appointed you there

2.If you are ready to pray and cry for your church definitely you will see Gods grace and Miracle.(Loath and family)

3. Ask the elders to give good understandable classes on basic Bible doctrines.Becasuse lack of basic doctrines will allow people to take there on decisions and interpretations .That will cause serious immoral activities.

4. People have to study basic doctrines and practice practical Christianity. That means Practical has to be done practically and doctrines has to study for application.

5. Most of us are thinking that great works are only possible by great people and powerful strong people ….For Gods  this idea is wrong because in the Christendom and in the world great things were done by very sensitive and average or below average people.

E.g. from Bible.1.Nehemia .A simple crying man 2.Moses a poor shepherd with lot of problems

David ….and also the persons who wrote the Bible..Few shepherds, Workers of palaces and fisherman ect...

E.g. from world.1.Gandhi, He was a simple fearful man, Napoleon Bonaparte a short man having very sensitive to his lover Josephine. Mother Teresa a crying lady for poor. and also so many

Most of us are thinking that “ I can do this and  that or I can’t” that means I am standing alone in my power .we all have to change that  because we are standing in His hand if someone trust upon their own power trust me he already fallen.

Be a testimony and roll model to all

We will pray for you….Be happy in Christ and do your duties ….

It’s not possible with in a overnight but let’s start God is with you and our prayers..


 Eldo M Mathai

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Reply by : abia   View Profile   Since : 7 Jan 2010 2:23:31 PM Close

Dear meena,

answers to your problems is in your problems itself

1.No love?  then you love others as Christ loved you

2.worldliness? you lead a life of seperation from the world.

3.see what paul says to the believers in 1corinthians where existed division, immorality,gathering disorder,wrong doctrine long as Lord is in the assembly we cannot leave it

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Reply by : kbb   View Profile   Since : 8 Jan 2010 5:02:42 AM Close

We always are worried, concerned and affected by the conduct of others. We confess the sins of others. Keep our fingers pointed at them. Stay always ready to find fault with them.

Why don't we look into our own lives? Do we need the good performances of others to remain peaceful and happy? See how dependant are the modern believers on the behaviour of others for their own happy, peacefuyl existance?

Everyone finds peace, happiness and contentment from the lives of others and not from God. They desreve to fume and remain disappointed and unhappy. They have forsaken the living God and are going after other gods ie. the naughty youngsters for their peacerful survival. Is not this a new breed of modern hypocrites?

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