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This Message Forum is to discuss spiritual topics only. Please avoid personal or assembly matters.
Let us use this facility for our spiritual enrichment and for bringing glory to our Lord almighty.
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# 00024 :  General talks among us
People among generally say that Brethren themselves are not brethren anymore. Is it really true?
Post by : brethren sis  View Profile    since : 1 Oct 2001

Reply by : Berty   View Profile   Since : 4 Oct 2001 12:19:57 AM Close
I think it is true for the major portion .Not only others but we also hate ourself.
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Reply by : PM   View Profile   Since : 5 Oct 2001 11:28:34 AM Close
beliver Sisters,
If this is the case among us then why don't we see whether we are the cause for it justifying unedifying things and very calm and pulling others (specially the new comers) also to do the same.
Is it not high time that we look back at our own assemblies revival among our own respective sisters in the assemblies.
Explaing them lovingly about their drawbacks and motivating them to get involved in spiritual acitivities which would refrain them from causing such havocs
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Reply by : johnson.t.ponmanissery   View Profile   Since : 21 Oct 2001 4:47:01 PM Close
dear all
we are not eligible to call as brothers.because we dont maintain that relationship.we maintain HAI ....BAI relationship.when we come to the church says HAI When we leave between no relationship.
branch manager
catholic syrian bank
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Reply by : whatever   View Profile   Since : 29 Nov 2001 1:24:35 PM Close
Hey guys.......i have a we need to address people older to us a uncles and aunties......
cant we just call them by their official names.......and if we do call them by their it wrong or unscriptural.....please guys give me a real honest and scriptural answer.......or just make it plain to me......cos i am having difficulties in doing the above
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Reply by : ABRAHAM KOSHY   View Profile   Since : 30 Nov 2001 12:48:06 AM Close
If you want to respect others it is upto you. If yoy want to follow the western style you can do it.But we want to respect you, we think respecting others is the teaching of Jesus. But my question is why you are hiding yourself from others . why you feel shame is publishing your name.I think you must call your father and mother also by name."Hey guys" is this the way to adress brothers and sisters.You know there are some upto 72 years old who is reading this pages.
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Reply by : whatever   View Profile   Since : 12 Dec 2001 12:40:35 PM Close
I am pretty sure I can address u as such cos that is ur name!!! but if ur 72 years old!!!!should I call u uncle!!!now i am not kiddin 'ere, but i really wanna honest reply!!!!!!!!Should I Mr.Abraham(someone whom I do not know) address u as uncle and not as Mr.ABRAHAM or guy(which only means fellow man)and u say its wrong!!!!!
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Reply by : tv   View Profile   Since : 28 Jun 2003 6:16:23 AM Close
Again fight started - Stop fighting on this useless subject. Brethren are no more brethren - that is a crystal clear fact. Nobody needs to say anything more.
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Reply by : Sister   View Profile   Since : 29 Sep 2003 10:48:48 PM Close
Mr. Abraham, you feel western style do not have any respect? It is your ignorance brother. The respect in western coutrines is much more than that in Kerala. Just by calling Uncle or Auntie do not make respect.
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Reply by : aLex   View Profile   Since : 1 Oct 2003 2:52:02 AM Close
We are bretheren ...not just bretheren ...God's brothers and Sisters.Lets not take this for granted.Just as God loved us,we cannot in the same measure,but partially atleast lets do show it to our brethern.Lets not dimnish our image by degrading ourself and accusing ourselves but lets be PROUD of the fact we are a bretheren,and if we feel our brothers dont show it to us,lets fight a war by loving them more and caring for them more.Its a challenge...lets not be cowards.I'm ready...hope u r!!!
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Reply by : Bobby   View Profile   Since : 7 Oct 2003 11:58:29 AM Close
I finds all these talks quite amusing. Elders (older generation) have to be respected in all ways, wherever you live. If its by calling Uncle, or if its by calling Mr., do give them the due respect they deserve. If God has promised to respect them by "taking care till you are greyed", its best we follow suit. God Bless You all richly.
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Reply by : ebmathews   View Profile   Since : 20 Jan 2004 10:35:55 PM Close
Dear Brothers and sisters
The question is people say that brethren themselves are not brethren any more.Is it true?
How in the world it can be true? We the children of God became Brethren by being born again in the family of God and thus became the brothers and sisters of Jesus christ. Brethren is the name given to the children of God or the believers of Jesus christ. As the salvation is eternal Brethren is also eternal. How can anybody say or change that?We need to keep it up.
Next question is weather we call the older people uncle and aunty. or show respect by addressing them. It depends upon what you practice in your home and in the community where you live. In our family we used to call our brothrers Chettan and sisters as Chechy. Older men Uncle Or Achayan Or Aunty or kochamma or Ammachy. But in U S we dont call the americans those titles we call them Mr; or Ms; so and so. In the family most of them call by their first names. At work also mostly call by firsr name or last name weather they are old or older. It depends upon what the common people accepts or not get offended. Why it make a big issue.? Follow the principle what the people commonly practice..
Remember what the scipture say " In humility consider others better than yourselves.Each of you should look not only to your own interests but also to the interest of others phil: 2: 3, 4.
May God Bless you all.
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Reply by : ba   View Profile   Since : 6 Jan 2005 12:59:53 PM Close
No its not.
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Reply by : peace   View Profile   Since : 3 Jul 2005 10:00:26 AM Close
Brethren are brethren for sure. As far as I know and have seen this is true. I am in fellowship with the Brethren Church in UAE. Being brought up spiritually here, I can say for sure that there is love, respect and care among the believers here.

If you believe that brethren do not show brotherly love any more, I would suggest you to show fellow believers the love Jesus has taught us. (I am not saying u don't, just do it more)And I promise you that you will see brotherly love among the believers.

Go on loving inspite of all they do 'coz thats what Jesus said and I have seen it in my life too.

Hope I am clear.

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Reply by : terry_martin   View Profile   Since : 3 Jul 2005 1:34:05 PM Close
Dear Brethren,
This thread was started as "generally being spoken".Maybe Yes, it is being spoken in some parts of the world about "The Brethren".In our own country(India) we can see that and yes we have given place to such comments about ourselves. Born again Brothers and Sisters congregating together in Worship and fellowship are the members of this Brethren fold.In times the believers of The brethren fold were known to keep and honour the biblical doctrines whereas now we seldom teach the doctrines and sadly to say many do not know the doctrines. This can be the reason why we are being spoken as "Brethren are not brethren anymore" and not because we dont call each other brother,sister,uncle,aunt and Mr,Ms or guys and pals.
I would only say that WE "THE BRETHREN" are very good at all the external nicesities and compliments and love and respect. The smiles are very sweet the handshakes are very strong and the hugs are very warm. The doctrinal teachings and abiding in them is what we lack and about which we have to give a very serious thought.
We can overcome this too, through PRAYER and BIBLE READING.
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Reply by : catburglur   View Profile   Since : 23 Jul 2005 3:15:22 PM Close
There are many KB scattered around the Western countries like a bunchof stars spread vastly in the night sky. Nowadays KB are all over the place. The average number of KB assemblies in North America are about 28-31; Usually theyre in metroplitan areas and big cities- such as: New York, Chicago, Los Angelas, EST. Ive recently left the KB asseblies due too the biggest problem facing the KB today! Such Dissapointment. Whitewashed Indians folks like me, whom are born-and-raised in the United States dont understand a single world of malayalaum! (Were what you would call: ABCD AMERICAN BORN CONFUSED DESIS) Its hard to have fellowship with KB believers, when your unaware what on earth is going on; since your tottaly alien too this foreign language- which you dont understand. Theres a languare barrier dividing the body of christ, both the american born crowd from the older generation. (1st Cor 1) We as Christians, need to tear down that wall of seperation! This is the biggest problem & current development facing the KB assemblies today. I want to call forth for a pray request and ask for all of those to pray for: the hardened hearts of the self rightous malus & for they who hold there head up high with cultural PRIDE. Thats why majority of the KB youth are packing there bags and taking off from the meetings. For they migrate to the english assemblies- where they can at least understand the tounge which is spoken spoken.

Please PRAY for the KB in America, Canada, U.N, singapore, and elsewhere?

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