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This Message Forum is to discuss spiritual topics only. Please avoid personal or assembly matters.
Let us use this facility for our spiritual enrichment and for bringing glory to our Lord almighty.
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# 00026 :  whether a beleiver can conduct seperated life?
whether a believer can conduct a seperated life in this world ? if not..why? prove ?
Post by : johnson.t.ponmanissery  View Profile    since : 6 Jun 2002

Reply by : john   View Profile   Since : 9 Jun 2002 2:34:39 AM Close
Why you want to separted ? problems?
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Reply by : JAMES   View Profile   Since : 6 Jul 2002 11:26:11 AM Close
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Reply by : shalom   View Profile   Since : 2 Sep 2003 10:50:54 PM Close
God has called believers to live in the World as separated people, and He has given us His resources like the (1) Word and (2) the Holy Spirit,and so it should be possible to live a separated life in this World. He has already made us seated in Heavenly Places and blessed us with all the blessings of the Heavenly Places, we are positionally separated. We need to daily live a separated life, with God's help. It should come as our response to the love demonstrated at Calvary. It is not easy, it is a warfare, and at each inch of the way, we must fight and win the battle between the flesh and the spirit or the spirit and the World called the Vanity Fair. It is like a boat travelling on the water, but water not entering the boat. It is tough, but with God's help it is possible, and we have a host of witnesses in NT and Church History who have done it, even in our Kerala. But then the World may call us old fashioned, fools, thoughtless and unintelligent. That should be a credit when the World call us that. God Bles
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Reply by : ba   View Profile   Since : 6 Jan 2005 1:13:15 PM Close
Scripture says, "Anyone who makes friends with this world is an ennimme with god".

If you get into style, fashion, music, tv, politics, you are a ennemie with god.

Scripture says, "take up your cross and follow me".

Leave the life of materialism, makeup, jewelry and social life, and persue spirituality.

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Reply by : ebmathew   View Profile   Since : 1 Mar 2005 4:04:20 PM Close
Believers are children of God born the family of God. They are suppose to live according to the standerd of their Father who is the king of Kings and the Lord of Lords. The Father already set the pattern that their children should live through the holy scripture. The Holy spirit within the children of God is always remind them how to live a holy life that is pleasing the Father. Eventhough they are in the world they are not of the world.The earthly princess and princesses are not suppose to live like the people out of the palace . same way God's children are also not suppose to live according to the worldly people. a real child of God deffenitly know that. It is not easy but it is a sacrificial life according to Rom: 12 : 1-3.
May God bless.
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