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This Message Forum is to discuss spiritual topics only. Please avoid personal or assembly matters.
Let us use this facility for our spiritual enrichment and for bringing glory to our Lord almighty.
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# 00031 :  common meeting
I saw in a meeting our leaders are taking their children or any other children & leading the meeting.Why can't the mother of the child take care of him or her?
Post by : shalu  View Profile    since : 20 Jan 2003

Reply by : sally   View Profile   Since : 20 Jan 2003 4:49:57 PM Close
When will we stop these kind of petty issues??

I would leave it to the parents to decide who should take care of their kids. Simply because a father takes care of his kids, you should not raise a hue/cry over that. Some fathers are better in taking care of kids publicly (mainly in disciplining) than mothers. Give the mothers a break!!

You do not say whether the mother of that child is there or not. If the mother is not present, then the father has to take care of their kids, without choice. Regarding why mother is not there, it could be sickness, it could be job(issue covered elsewhere) or some other inconvenience.

If the father is forced to stand on the podium with the kids, then thats a different issue. Then I would say that the parents have to find some other way to manage their kids for those special occasions where the father has to take a special role in the meeting. And instead of saying, why cant the mother take care of the kids, I would ask - Why does the father want to lead the congregation if he cannot find suitable arrangement for taking care of his kids?

However, if the kids are quiet and not making much disturbance and the father is forced to lead (for lack of other suitable leaders), there is no need to get provoked.

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Reply by : Santha   View Profile   Since : 20 Jan 2003 10:56:45 PM Close
Shalu, it is because the modern Mothers give no importance to child care. They are running after beauty & fashion.
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Reply by : Grace   View Profile   Since : 21 Jan 2003 3:35:11 AM Close
Well Shantamma, pl. kindly maintain the protocols with the expectations that the topic is related to beliver sisters.

Not related to those behind fashion & beauty.

Let Shalu describe what were the consequences and reasons; have patience let us first know the reasons as Sr. Sally has specified.

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Reply by : Santha   View Profile   Since : 17 Feb 2003 6:13:26 AM Close
Graceamma, do you think all beliver sisters are against fashion and beauty? Please refer the discussions in the topic 'sarees' or 'ornaments'
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Reply by : Sister   View Profile   Since : 29 Sep 2003 10:51:19 PM Close
Sister Santha is mixing apples and oranges.
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Reply by : Sodari   View Profile   Since : 30 Sep 2003 7:55:59 AM Close
apples with oranges, still can be identified.

please dont mix milk in water!

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Reply by : ba   View Profile   Since : 6 Jan 2005 1:10:48 PM Close
Scripture says, "If anyone causes these little ones to sin, it is better for a huge stone to be tied around their neck, and cast into the sea"

Since the people in your assembly are preventing the children to have fellowship with everyone else, They are breaking the commandment, mentioned above. They will be punished by all mighty god.

Scripture says, "do not hinder the children from me".

When you seperate the young chaps from fellowship with other believers, they are violating the commandment from above.

Thank You.

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