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This Message Forum is to discuss spiritual topics only. Please avoid personal or assembly matters.
Let us use this facility for our spiritual enrichment and for bringing glory to our Lord almighty.
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# 00045 :  about women's attire
Dear sister's in christ, can you pls. refrain from using words that a believer is not even supposed to think about, in your comments,imean words like hitting w/ broom or chirava is so low class for us.pls. I believe the webmasters didnot intend this forum to become a showcase of our actual carnal self. let us think spiritually and respond spiritually. about our attire, our goal should be to cover our body so that the opposite sex will not be FORCED TO SIN BY LOOKING AT OUR EXPOSED CURVACEOUS BODY. Lord Jesus said that you sin if you even look at someone with lust. when we do not dress up decently,we are not only sinning ourselves by showing off what belongs to the lord(His temple),but also making someone else sin by looking at you. Pray the Holy spirit will lead you in the right way to dress your assets for your husbands or would-be's and only for them.and leave room for imagination even forthem
Post by : lizageorge  View Profile    since : 8 Jan 2005

Reply by : brownsugar   View Profile   Since : 16 Mar 2005 7:31:00 PM Close
praise the lord! and thank you for that good post. The men need to clean up our act too you know! in the KB-assemblies: if you have boyfriend or girlfriend, your parents can take a stick from the backyard tree and give you a good spanking for nonsense as that! its ludacris that the teens are dating. Many of them have already been diagnosed with jungle fever [interracial intrest] already. The assembly I used to attend was super strict; If the parents found out the kids were doing unecessary things from there parents unknowingly- the children could get punished severely. Ive noticed and observed as a teen, boys my age hide things secretly from there parents(for example: jungle fever) Ive never disobeyed my parents ever. I have always been submissive and at every order of there command.

Can i ask you a question seroiusly? in the KB Assemblies, are girls that bad? im asking that question because your tone of writing in addressing that. The persona on how you say, "FORCED TO SIN BY LOOKING AT OUR EXPOSED CURVACEOUS BODY"- seems to come from the KB assembly. Is it like that there where you have fellowship. I attend a english assmebly. Ive been there my whole life practically!

The only thing you can do is pray for the youngsters, that they may some closer to god in there walk with him! God will change there. Have faith in him, and he will fulfill your wants.

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Reply by : lizageorge   View Profile   Since : 18 Apr 2005 9:05:06 PM Close
No sir/ ma'am! where I worship, there is the presence of the Holy Spirit and I am busy worshipping. About others, it is not my business.
Abouts Kerala brethren girls, no, they are not bad at all. But when we try to compromise with the outside world a lot of materialism seeps in. Your dressing reflects your personality.My comments meant to all christians whether they attend a malayalam assy. or an English assy.
Let me tell you:
when you have something that needs to be shown, you put that in a glass curio cabinet or in the shops, they display them in the window to attract people.
We as christians should not do that because we are the property of the Lord. Our body belongs to the Lord. It is not for us to do anything to what belongs to another against His wishes.

Dear young believers when you dress for the Lord, when you do all for the Lord that is when He will be pleased with you. Do everything to honor Him,
do not do anything for the accuser to bring accusations against us.

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Reply by : gigi   View Profile   Since : 20 Apr 2005 3:37:48 AM Close
Dear Sister:

Your thinking is very good and you may still stand for the Lord. All the sisters and brothers, going through these postings must understand that OUR BODY IS NOT BELONGING TO US, BUT OF GOD" If we could understand that I do not think that somebody will argue. May God bless you further and may God allow us not to sin and not others to sin because of us.

May the name of God be magnified.

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Reply by :   View Profile   Since : 24 Apr 2005 2:07:56 PM Close
I don't want to wear pardha. I cover my head when I pray.
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Reply by : koreanorchestra   View Profile   Since : 28 Dec 2005 11:22:37 PM Close
Dear sisters

About clothes-The Bible is very clear- Modesty is the watchword. And contrary to popular debate - i don't think modesty can be debated.

A saree for instance can be worn very immodestly and so can a salwar kameez.

A pair of trousers - at the same time can be very modest and so can a skirt.

Wearing anything to invite attention to our clothes is actually pretty inconvenient many women will testify... so why bother with the trouble.

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Reply by : koreanorchestra   View Profile   Since : 28 Dec 2005 11:25:17 PM Close

Irrespective of what we wear - our priorities are very obvious in the way we clothe ourselves.
So whatever we wear - lets only attract attention to our dignity and godliness.

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Reply by : winchuck   View Profile   Since : 12 Feb 2006 1:13:53 PM Close
Dear All,

I have a doubt on this issue. In Deut. 22.5, it says, "A women should not wear what pertains to men". In other words, a woman should not wear a Man's dress.

But Jeans and Trousers are men's attire (originally made and worn by men) but women in Western countries wear it saying that it is their culture. Even in India, many of our sisters wear jeans and Trousers in and out of church.

So, is it pleasing to GOD. Does our Sisters stop wearing them?

in HIM

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Reply by : jpdobcofjc   View Profile   Since : 13 Feb 2006 6:50:14 PM Close
In Ireland/Scotland (forgive me, I'm slightly culturally ignorant if this is pertinent to only one or both countries), a "kilt" (i.e. a skirt) was worn by many men, and still is, especially during special occasions. In ancient Greeece, a "toga" was used by many men. In India, a "kaili" (?sp...again, please forgive me on this one) is still worn by most men, and usually quite immodestly; this too is similar to a woman's skirt. So, does that mean that men from any of these countries/cultures should stop wearing these particular clothes? Having a "pharisee-like" approach to everything will get you into trouble. Clothes that are particularly tailored for a man or for a woman will be obvious to all.
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Reply by : etoile   View Profile   Since : 17 Mar 2006 2:44:27 PM Close
i think that as long as you do not try to attract attention to your body through your clothes and dress modestly as you think Jesus christ would want you to then it is not so important if a girl wears pants. in america (where i live) at church we are supposed to dress modestly, this also means that we can wear dress pants to services..if the holy spirit makes you question if what youre wearing is modest enough then go change until you find something that you think will please God
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