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This Message Forum is to discuss spiritual topics only. Please avoid personal or assembly matters.
Let us use this facility for our spiritual enrichment and for bringing glory to our Lord almighty.
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# 00055 :  HomeSchooling
I know 99.9 percent of all the kids are homeschooled in our assemblies. What is every opion on this subject. I went to a public school.
Post by : ba  View Profile    since : 2 Jan 2005

Reply by : jpdobcofjc   View Profile   Since : 6 Feb 2005 5:50:30 AM Close
Ba: I was wondering, where are you referring to when you say 99.9% of our kids are homeschooled? Where I'm from, ~99.9% go to public/private schools. My take on the matter is that if a particular family has the financial flexibility to allow 1 parent to stay at home, then go ahead and homeschool away! However, how do we account for all the lost souls in the school systems with no presence of a christian testimony?
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Reply by : mom23   View Profile   Since : 21 Feb 2007 6:49:29 PM Close
I went to a public school too and am now a homeschooling parent.But I am still relatively new at it. So, of course, there is a lot of unschooling that you as a parent do too about class/instruction type etc..But there are various ways/philosophies etc. of going about schooling your children. What opinion are you exactly talk about?
Homeschooling is a commitment that both parents make..not just the one who stays at home, because after all it is a family decision and so everyone pools in their strengths & resources (sometimes it is the older siblings) towards educating a child.
And "Yes!" there are a lot of lost souls in the school system, but are our "children" truly equiped to handle them?...especially when they are learning about the Lord themselves. Children are young, naive and so easily led by their friends,peer pressure, the latest gizmo etc..... that is why in Duet.6:4-9 the Lord instructs the Israelites to "teach them (vs.4 - to love the Lord) diligently unto thy children...when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down and when thou risest up..".
So they need training, nurturing and instruction about God, whether they are in school or at home.... "train up a child in the way he should go, so even when he is old, he will not depart from it".
The home is always the primary school of learning... from their first smile,the first step, their first word all the way to the values they leave the home with to face life on their own, it is actually you the parents, they learn from. So, I guess it is so much a personal decision as a family, for one you need to pray about to ask God what His will for you family is.
Hope this is of some help...and may God bless you.
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Reply by : George P. Koshy   View Profile   Since : 22 Feb 2007 9:31:01 AM Close
Dear 'ba,'

You wrote, "I know 99.9 percent of all the kids are homeschooled in our assemblies."

Could you tell us the source of your statistics? My opinion can be placed after verifying your source.

Shalom Malekim!!!

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Reply by : jpdobcofjc   View Profile   Since : 7 Mar 2007 10:17:12 PM Close
"mom23": Christians, even as little children, can influence those (i.e. unbelievers) around them; it's not always necessarily vice versa. I think too many times Christians use a defensive rather than offensive approach when it comes to running the race in a very ungodly world. When children are young and impressionable, wouldn't it be the best if a lasting impression of Christ could be placed on their hearts? One that would resurrect itself even years later? And as parents, if you train up your children to resist the daily peer pressures, etc. of this world, then you will not have to greatly fear for their moral & spiritual well being. Christ said to "go out into all the world.."--I don't think he meant we should fulfill that commandment once we turn 18 & technically considered as adults.
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Reply by : mom23   View Profile   Since : 5 Apr 2007 4:21:17 PM Close
"jpdobcofjc".....Boy! that is a mouthful!! I am just kidding! I am so sorry I took so long to get back to the forum and this topic.
Sir, I wasn't trying to take an offensive or defensive approach. I was just stating an observation, something I experienced and observed even growing up...that most children even from spiritual families, mostly try to fit in rather than take a stand as a believer because it is just more easy. I think even as adults we face the situation of peer pressure in some way or the other.
This is just a thought..but didn't Christ too prepare his disciples over a long period of time before he gave this command to them .."Go out into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." (Mark 16.15). And that is all the point I was trying to make is that they do need preparation. But you are right because whether you homeschool or send them to school, children need constant re-enforcement from parents about the way of the Lord.
So, training can be through so much ways like role-plays of situations, intervening in their games and letting them know the best way to handle conflicts/disappointments/stress/anxiety etc. as a child of God.
Even a homeschooled kid has so much socialization with other kids through support groups/neighbours/co-classes/parks/team members in sports/extra curricular activities like dance, art,gym etc. During all their interactions they are being taught about what the Bible teaches them to do. As a homeschooling mom the advantage is, I get to speak to them about it then and there.
I homeschool not to seperate them from the world, but I wanted ti incorporate the Bible and the Lord in their daily studies, so that it isn't lessons learnt at sunday school but a daily the story of creation, the Lord made the world in 7 days, we talk about what he created each day, learn about the sun and it's usefulness for plants etc.,the planets, the moon, the irst man on the moon, different types of animals/plants in different areas of the world etc..continuing..
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Reply by : mom23   View Profile   Since : 5 Apr 2007 4:26:12 PM Close
So a lesson in science, a little goegraphy etc. But the underlying factor is God created the earth and us. He gave us this world and we thank Him for that. This just an example because my kids are still small.
Like I said earlier homeschooling is a personal decision, it is what I believe the Lord wants me to do. I hope to hear from others too about their views. Have a great day!
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Reply by : jpdobcofjc   View Profile   Since : 18 Apr 2007 9:00:38 PM Close
"mom23": my question still remains (and this is for anyone to answer for that matter)--who will be a witness to all the non-believing children in our schools??
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Reply by : mom23   View Profile   Since : 22 Apr 2007 4:31:14 PM Close
dear "jpdobcofjc" : Let me ask you this....does the witnessing you are asking about, in your mind, have to within school grounds or just to non-believing children who attend school and can be done...wherever???
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Reply by : mom23   View Profile   Since : 22 Apr 2007 5:00:36 PM Close
The following would be my opinion only...
In my a student once, and now as a person who worked with kids, in school settings, children do have their cliques and groups that they are comfortable with and are a part of based on likes/personalities or forced to be with because of persecution from the jocks/bullies/queen bees etc. So their making an impact or witnessing would be limited to that group of kids in the school and not probably the entire body of students attending the school...right?
If it is outside the school grounds...there is always neighbours and friends you make at other places like sports/extra-curricular interests....all of them can be classified under the broad title of children a believer meets who are unbelievers.
My point would be that these school going children do have interaction with kids outside the institution of can the witnessing not be done then?? Like with your neighbourhood friends, sports buddies friends....etc.
How much witnessing can be done when you are running between classes in school, being quite in classes and listening to the tacher/instructor...? Compared to when they are playing, when they have the envirnment to be free to express themselves.
I know of so many homeschooled kids who do witness to their neighbours, who are school going kids,.... for example,through their play and the choices they make during that play....talking about why their choices are based on their walk with God, inviting them to church etc. They may be homeschooled, during the day, but in the afternoon after school, they are witnessing to these school going non-believers....
So, witnessing to kids by kids can be done anywhere where a body of kids meet,..... it doesn't have to be within school grounds only....right?
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Reply by : mom23   View Profile   Since : 22 Apr 2007 5:02:05 PM Close
We still haven't heard anything from the person who started this thread almost 2 years ago..."ba" I believe.....what is your opinion???
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