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# 00060 :  marriage between believers
would a believer in Kerala be allowed to marry a believer that was american, if they desired? i know this topic is spoken on before, but not this exact please forgive me
Post by : etoile  View Profile    since : 22 May 2006

Reply by :   View Profile   Since : 23 May 2006 7:37:20 PM Close
Yes, we do, if that american is born-again and baptized in holy spirit.
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Reply by : etoile   View Profile   Since : 23 May 2006 7:42:45 PM Close
thank you for you comment...i was just wondering since there are so many threads about how marriages between two different races were looked down apon in India, even thought they are not here in the US.
any more comments would be greatly appreciated.
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Reply by : rdap   View Profile   Since : 24 May 2006 12:04:29 AM Close
A Keralaite believer marrying a American believer is fine as it does not break any of God's commands or that of the nations.

But answering your question "whether they would be allowed to marry" is a tough question because of the cultural aspects which are very strong in the church. So the going by today’s feelings the probable answer is no ! (even though that maight not be right)

The cultural and social aspects have been in play right form the early church. Many a times they have been justified with many scriptures (Abraham going to his own people for Isaac etc.)

Interestingly in Kerala I find that the acceptability is more if one is going for White believer than for and black believer (I am mentioning white - black just to bring out a practical situation. In God's view and mine there is no white or black it is only whether you believe or not counts!) The problem is lot goes by outward appearance.

A mature un biased Christian counsel will be of help. Many a times when you seek counsel the motives are questioned and one turns very defensive. That does not help. It is best to spend time with God for counsel (both the consular and counselee) and be led by the Lord. And the same should be done for marriages between two Keralite believers too... Then the peace of God will rule our hearts understandings (including our misunderstandings!)

Hope that was a bit of help. God bless


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Reply by :   View Profile   Since : 24 May 2006 6:32:58 AM Close
I said it because my family and the church i attend allow that.
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Reply by : etoile   View Profile   Since : 24 May 2006 8:41:50 PM Close
i understand what you are saying, so, i guess its kind of the same in america (slightly) it is usually not seen well if a white believer marries a black believer, even thought the two are both believers, it is not to be racist, it is just not as acceptable, any other race is more acceptable (indian, chinese, and so on) but it is a cultural thing even here in the melting pot of the u.s.a....thank you for your comment it was very helpful..
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