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# 00066 :  about copyright
does breaking it come under sin? I think it does because its given in bible that we must obey govt.
Post by : jthomas  View Profile    since : 9 Apr 2005

Reply by : drjcp   View Profile   Since : 11 Apr 2005 9:53:24 AM Close
Copyright Infingement is a serious crime according the laws in our country, and also in most countries around the world.

Actually copyright infingment is plain STEALING. No Christian should break the laws of Bible that remeind us not to covet and steal.

A reminder to my young readers: next time your hands pick up a CD to make a pirated copy, DO NOT!!

Even the world realizes that illegal copying is "pirating" a word much stronger than stealing

Johnson C. Philip

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Reply by : llcj   View Profile   Since : 12 Apr 2005 10:48:39 AM Close
Be sure then to be careful how you quote scripture in magazines, publications and written communications. Most english translations are copyrighted, with one notable exception being the KJV.

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Reply by : George P. Koshy   View Profile   Since : 12 Apr 2005 11:12:33 AM Close
Dear 'llcj,'

The copyright law applies to copying properties that are copyrighted. If a book or an article in a magazine is copyrighted, they can be cited without written or oral permission. The person who cites should give credit to the source. Even parts of a book or a complete article can be copied, if it is for personal use. If that is done for distribution or for sale, then it is in violation of the copyright law. In such instances, we should get the permission from the source to do so.

When it comes to computer programs, disks, etc., the copyright prohibits the reproduction even for personal use.

Citing scriptures do not come under the copyright law. Usually, only parts are cited with references to its original human author. In certain cases, we also give credit to the translation.

There are certain things I have copyrighted and it is for legal purpose. Once, Shri Lanka asked for permission to use my training manuals. When I quoted my terms, including the fees, they balked off. They want it free. When it comes to scriptural things, there is certain freedom to be enjoyed, in Christ.

We should not violate the laws of the land.

Shalom malekim!!!

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Reply by : drjcp   View Profile   Since : 14 Apr 2005 2:49:32 AM Close

I do not know if you made the statement in jest !

There is something known as "Fair Usage" and almost all Bibles [except perhaps NASB] allow up to 100 verses to be quoted, provided these 100 do not happen to be more than 1/3rd of a given book.

Photocopying books even for personal use, when the book is available in the market, is illegal and does not come under "Fair Usage" rules.

Christians often rush to "make a copy" of all kinds of CDs. This is llegal, and nothing short of STEALING.

Also, a large number of Christians do not have a legal copy of the Operating System [Such as Windows]. This is also stealing. Just because the computer-seller copied it to your hard disk it does not mean it is legal.

We need to be very careful. Many of our non Christian friends are watching us steal, and then proclaim the gospel of Christ. No wonder Christian faith is often not taken seriously on college campuses.

How many Christian students on our modern campuses can claim that they use ONLY legal software

Johnson C. Philip

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Reply by : drjcp   View Profile   Since : 5 Jun 2005 10:11:04 AM Close
Dear Joa

you have asked a very important question. And the answer is: a large number of students cannot afford to buy legal software.

So what do we do ?? Let me ask you, do we pirate software? A Pirate is a thief.

Can we use the reason of "not being able to afford" as an excuse to behave like a theif?

You said "The governement also understands the situation, and that's why they are not taking any strict action against the individuals using software for non-commercial purposes by violating the copy right law"

The second question is, if the government does not take action, does stealing become okay ???

I will write more after I hear from you


Johnson C. Philip

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Reply by : joa   View Profile   Since : 6 Jun 2005 12:28:09 AM Close

Thanks for ur prompt response.

The answer for both the questions is 'NO'. I thought that was clear from my previous posting itself. "Iam not supporting the violation of copy right law, but wondering how it will be practical for a middle class person in Kerala."

My views is as follows.

Law of land should be made for the people. Democracy itself means 'for the people'. if the elected government makes a law as follows

1.Every one should travel only by Benz car.
How many of us can obey it ?

As far as my understanding regarding this piracy law, its meant mainly for Corportes and Business organizantions.(Note the word 'mainly').

So i don't think we have to give unnecessary importance to this law. (Iam talking abt students using software for non commerical purporses)

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Reply by : drjcp   View Profile   Since : 6 Jun 2005 12:33:55 PM Close
Dear Joa

I shuddered to hear your statement

"As far as my understanding regarding this piracy law, its meant mainly for Corportes and Business organizantions.(Note the word 'mainly')"

You are wrong. The law equally applies to ALL.

Let us be honest and accept that many of us would cheat and steal rather than remain without something which we have no right to steal.

With the above said, let me ask you [and others] something:

Every kind of software is today available as FREEWARE. Have you ever tried that kind of software instead of stealing what does not belong to you ?

I would love to have feedback

Johnson C. Philip

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Reply by : matthewm   View Profile   Since : 6 Jun 2005 12:50:42 PM Close
I went through different comments made here on this subject of breaking the law of copy right.I believe it is wrong and it is a sin.Our
situations of life should not make us to do things that are against the law of the land and let alone God's law.Believers should be very careful in their conversation and dealings so that our testmony is not lost.Going for sunday morning worship meeting on a 35 MPH speed zone and driving above the specified speed limit is also a sin because we are guilty of breaking that law.Since there was no one to check the speed,it
will not justify us for driving over the speed limit.Most of us have a tendency to disreagrd these minor things and concentrate on bigger and major sins according to our outlook.Just a coment
and it is not meant for any contradiction or confusion among participants on this thread.I am not excluding myself from this sort of behaviour but I am trying to be careful that I may not sin against my Lord.

Speaking truth in Love,

matthew Mangalasseril

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Reply by : joa   View Profile   Since : 6 Jun 2005 10:50:22 PM Close
There are softwares available as free ware. That's true. But not every kind and es-specially the software that we require for our studies. Also 90% of freewares are not the substitutes of Licenced one's
eg: For lab exams, they will be using MicroSoft products in colleges and it is licenced.
There is no way for getting these products in our home other than 'Stealing' (Purchasing licence is un-thinkable)

Let me move into another scenario.
During the final years of professional course, there are lot of subjects to study and for most of them multiple books are mentioned for reference by the university. 95% of these books will be out of print and not available in the market
Some times the teacher will have a photostat of different chapters collected from multiple books, and he/she will give it to the students and advice then to take a XEROX copy . There are occasions in which the entire university students(different colleges) studied the subject using the photostat of a single master copy provided by the university
staff itself.
Even if the books are available in market, the cost will be very high and for a single subject we may have to buy 5-8 books. The solution is to get the books from some library/friends/Seniors and take the XEROX of releavent chapters from each book.
Let me stop it here,According to the law of land, every thing will come under 'stealing' but there is no other go.

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Reply by : drjcp   View Profile   Since : 7 Jun 2005 1:33:17 AM Close
Does end justify the means ??

How is it that we Brethren are able to spend tens of thousands of rupees every month to keep our children in colleges and universities but claim that we do not have three to eight thousand rupees for buying legal software ?

Whom are we deceiving ? Can we cheat God ? A family that spends about 1.2 lakh rupees on education one one child can surely afford a software that does not cost even one tenth of that!!

There is NO comparision with photocopying out of print books.

And comparing with another act of stealing does not justify the original act of stealing.

Johnson C. Philip

PS: do not tell me that freeware is not available to meet needs. As much as 80% of the needs can be met by freeware and we need to pay only for 20% of the needs. That iteself reduces the budget much beyond what you imagine.

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Reply by : George P. Koshy   View Profile   Since : 7 Jun 2005 11:34:35 AM Close
Dear 'joa,'

Are we discussing about justification of breaking the law that is specifically written on this. You are not even allowed to install the same software in multiple computers, unless you have a multi-license or you are using the computers for yourself only. Your family is included if the computers located in the same facility.

We are intelligent people and our logic and reasons could justify even killing another human being. We are talking about 'law' that is written not for those who are right, but to those who want to break it. Scenarios are only for those who want to justify their actions that cannot be justified otherwise. Scenarios also could be used to explain difficult subject matters. We may call them parables, similies, etc.

In the universities there are computers with the needed software to complete the course works. One should use those facilities. It may require one to spend a lot of time away from other activities. If you are a believer, then you should obey the law and not to break it.

Shalom malekim!!!

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Reply by : ifellinlovewithamalayalee   View Profile   Since : 23 Oct 2011 6:49:37 AM Close

Copyright.. hmmm.. my thinking about this?

well, God promised to give us ability to produce wealth..and governments exist since it's allowed by God. Let's give the due respect that the government needs regardless of the norms practiced , regardless of the attitutde and behaviour of the people working in the government.

At the end of the day, goevernment is not perfect.  It is subject to lophooles and all. If we base it if it's legal or not by our laws in our land alone, it's not enough. Let's compare it to what God wants us to do as if What Would He Do if He is Us. Something like that.

Example, there are some countries that allows same sex marriage. It may be legal in the sight of men and laws of the land but it is not pleasing to the eyes of God. Hence, stick to the substance of things,

We shouldn't buy pirated CDs and even fake items just because it's affordable and readily available. By buying fakes and illegal reproduction of copyright protected stuffs is not a thing to be proud of.

Don't we have faith to trust God to bless us more so we can have the things we asked for? Surely, God would grant the desires of our heart so long as He sees it is deemed fit for our purpose. =)

Godbless everyone.


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