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This Message Forum is to discuss spiritual topics only. Please avoid personal or assembly matters.
Let us use this facility for our spiritual enrichment and for bringing glory to our Lord almighty.
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# 07690 :  Advices

Sometimes when we see our family or even brothers/sisters in Christ doing something wrong we correct them and sometimes they reply back saying "First correct yourself and then start advising others". Though our intention is not to hurt them but a burden to make them  right towards God, when they say that,  we feel that they are correct and we will never try to interfere in future. Further if we don't interfere we feel we are doing wrong by being silent.

My question is if that is true -  No one can ever advice others, since no one is perfect.

Counter to that - also how can we advice since we ourselves are not perfect.

-- Deepu

Post by : deepucvarghese  View Profile    since : 7 Jan 2015

Reply by : moses2006   View Profile   Since : 8 Jan 2015 6:37:56 PM Close

Dear Deepu,

If we have a plank in our eye, its best to remove it before helping another person with the speck in his eye. In stating this parable, the Lord Jesus did not hesitate to say that we do have a responsibility to help remove the speck in our brother's eye - whether we have a plank in our eye or not. But He commanded us to first remove our plank, then we can see better and actually help remove the speck.

In approaching other brethren with correctional advice, its best to start from a point of extreme humility, and first earning the other person's trust and respect with our own sincerity. Advice should be clothed in genuine love for the brother/sister. The words we choose should reflect our intimacy with the Word of God and its statutes. And we should follow up with prayer, before and after approaching someone with correctional advice, so that it is the Spirit of God doing the correcting, not we ourselves. When others see our humility, sincerety, love, commitment to God's Word and godliness - they will take our advice seriously.

Yes, no one is perfect, but we do have a responsibility to be perfect and present a perfect Father to our fellow believers.

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