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# 07807 :  Reformed - covenant theology

Hi All:

What I like to pose here as an inquiry is not for arguments [PLEASE], but statements of general understanding from those who have thought through and studied and have come to a conclusion on certain understandings of the subjects I have listed below.

If one were to ask me:  ‘well what you think of them yourself’ I have no clear answer than – I am really confused and I do not know. And I may not be listing my questions here in very theologically correct way some of you can appreciate. Anyway, here they are:

1.      What is the Reformed theology (in summary) and what portions of it does anyone of the ‘Brethren’ associate with?

2.     Are the Reformed and Covenant beliefs the same? I have seen that interchangeably used.

3.     How do we reconcile between the ‘Salvation to all who believe’ vs “election”.

Acts 16.31   Vs   Act 13:48 vs Rom 8.33 and many similar and closely related verses may appear to be in some sort of conflict to each other or my ability to understand them?

For me this is not a matter of my salvation in question or of faith and continued Christian living. No matter which way I came to know the Lord [by His calling or my free will- as it may be loosely said] is not a concern, rather, I greatly rejoice that I know the Lord and I am His child. However, I am wanting to know how to resolve a difficulty in understanding some of these verses.

May I ask that those who have knowledge of any of these areas not have arguments like people argue and become enemies of each other. I just want to know what the believers known by the name  ‘brethren’ believe? I mean here by brethren, the Assemblies or Churches that has the Plymouth Brethren root - though they may not call themselves by that name anymore.

I think we adhere to the reformed theology (or portions of it), and it has not been taught in the churches I have been to; so I ask!

If this was already addressed in this forum by anyone, please point me to it.



Post by : danny  View Profile    since : 14 Oct 2015

Reply by : danny   View Profile   Since : 21 Oct 2015 7:11:10 PM Close

Thank you Rick.

May be those who can; take it one at a time. You are right Rick, I should have posted my questions one at a time. Did not know the depth or vastness of the questions asked.

As for information on internet search, there is a lot of stuff out there. How does one know what ot believe? 

I was just looking for the distinction or separation or affirmation the brethren has with the Reformed theology. 

Anyway appreciate the response. I shall look forward for others to respond or will look elsewhere.  

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