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# 08078 :  BREXIT, EU &UK and end time prophecy.
Durong EU formation brethren prophets had said EU will be the 10 horns of Rev / Daniel (then there were less than 10 countries in EU), Rome will take lead and Pope will become antichrist. When it grew to 28 nations one prophet even proposed 2.8 countries per horn. Now UK is out, probably EU will disintegrate. What our prophets who have the end time unlocking key say now. Few months back in Australia there was a brethren conference in which the organizers said the particular prophet got the key to unlock end time prophecies
Post by : yanki  View Profile    since : 24 Jun 2016

Reply by : paizanjoe   View Profile   Since : 25 Jun 2016 4:49:55 AM Close

Dear Yanki,

One point about the Lord's coming. 

Mathew 24:36 - But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

  1. If any man/woman on this earth of any denomination/religion/following state they know of His coming - they are not from the Lord and you need to guard yourself against him/her. They are not above the Son. Even He states, He does not know.

About the 'brethren conference'. I am a resident of Australia. You need to specify which conference. There is a Malayali conference which happens in Sydney every year which is done to boost the egos of the Malayali folks here. That to me is not a brethren conference but a exclusive 'event' for malayali believers. It has all the makings of any Asianet serial.  

There are other conferences that happen where brethren (and other similiar denominations) folks from different parts of the Australian continent participate. Malayalis don't generally go there, cause they don't get any sort of extra acknowledgement apart from being brothers and sisters in Christ.

So, you need to specify which conference otherwise, conferences and seminars that really do good and edify also get included in the controversial lot that you have mentioned in your post.





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