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# 08241 :  On Kristian Jude's earlier post

Hi Jude,

This looks like a disgruntled person possibly a male who does not like the 'brethren' community. Why? It is because, you use pastor and elder in the same sentence with the brethren context.

Irrespective of the brethren community's various shortcomings, but not many Kerala brethren would accept being called pastor. 

About assembly elders stopping a person that too in the Gulf from participating in the Lords table because you wear ornaments, the fact that 'her husband' seemingly is scared of being scrutnized by an elder who is his boss and birthdays not being celebrated. I am product of the 'brethren movement' in the Gelf since my childhood. I accept there were/are a lot of rigidity and money minded elements in the assemblies. But to my best understanding/recollection (till 2014 when I was there), I have not heard of any assemblies banning or embarassing anyone for these reasons. The people there in Gulf have a strong youth base who are pretty much open and participate in various church ministeries irrespective of denominations. Though I do not agree to that, I am only stating it as a fact. If this was about the KB in Kerala or any part of India - it is understandable. 

But the most confusing of the statements in this blog is that, they plan to separate and he plans to quit his job. Okay why will he quit his job because of that? Elders telling women should not work, that too in the Gulf? People barging into others home uninvited? Okay, these are things which I have never seen or heard. People in the Gulf call you before they come to your place. And large gatherings at homes are not allowed, especially if there is noise of singing or prayer. You could get arrested. No brother in his right mind will make statement that the wife should sit at home and work. 90% of the brethren believers wives are either nurses or in some profession. Incidentally, they earn more than their husbands in most cases. Just saying. And when you say riyal, if your husband does not restrict you from flashy clothes in public, the Saudi police will. And church gatherings, I dont recollect hearing about brethren churches or assemblies in Saudi. It is always spoken in hush tones. 

Point is, this blog and article has loads of loopholes which shows that the writer wants some kind of 'fame' by making ludicris statements that look more pentecostal that brethren. 



Post by : paizanjoe  View Profile    since : 14 Oct 2016

Reply by : kristianjude   View Profile   Since : 14 Oct 2016 11:01:00 AM Close

Dear Joe,

I have noted your points.  I am not so sure that the complaints narrated are really bogus. Since my thread has been deleted, I cannot take forward the discussion.


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Reply by : paizanjoe   View Profile   Since : 14 Oct 2016 12:32:20 PM Close

Hi Jude,

You do not have to continue any discussion. It was an unnecessary and defamatory blog. Plus, the person who posted this has not given any logical proof if you look and read it carefully especially in todays day and age where youngsters in the 'Gelf' exercise a lot of freedom.


P.S. Thats the reason it got deleted. 

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Reply by : commonman   View Profile   Since : 15 Oct 2016 4:29:01 PM Close

Brothers Joe and Jude, at the outset, let me say that what I'm going to write below may have no relation to the issue that was originally discussed as I've not seen the original post and discussion. While I do agree with Joe that there is bogus stuff floating around about believers and lots of it, what intrigued me was some of the things mentioned in this post like the elder(s) being excessively controlling.

I personally know of a similar situation in a particular city in a major oil-producing nation (apologies for being excessively vague). One of the assemblies there is associated with a particular company engaged in the services sector: I've heard from multiple first-person accounts that company and church affairs in that setting were synonymous. You progressed in the company through your abilities in the pulpit and ability to connive and backstab, not your professional aptitude. I've heard of whimsical decisions being taken in professional matters due to affairs related to the church. A particular employee almost lost his job as the boss was angry at him for marrying from another denomination. In other words, it was a church where things were run in an unchristian manner. I've used the past tense as I don't know what the situation is there now. But some of things happening there were so outrageous that most people would disbelieve it.

 Do people know about it? Many do, but they keep quiet over it for the same reasons why they keep quiet over many similar and worse things happening in our churches. All we can do is pray that people surrender their pride and humble themselves.

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Reply by : paizanjoe   View Profile   Since : 17 Oct 2016 2:03:41 AM Close


There is no denying there are money influenced elements in the church everywhere not particularly in the Gulf. There are scores of 'elders' wo sit right in front and decide on all the matters but have not even once got up to  thankand praise the Lord. 

I know what you are talking about and yes, there was once upon a time an insistance as you said, but it died down big time ( Ref: youth and people having some common sense). But even that is overtly exaggerated. In the Middle East, brethren do tend to add a lot of unwarranted statements and because of it there comes a lot of misintepretation. This happens when they go back to India. Many of these brethren if you have noticed who come and say this, have some sort of baggage and issues.. I know of a story of one brother who was senior who had one misdeed was then labeled as a patron of many atrocities because people do not know when to stop.

There is a discerning Spirit in all of us. It is wise that we let it control and we, if God's grace is in us will overcome everything. We are told not to judge but to test everything. When an accusation or story is made, it is recommended that one goes and check the truth about it oneself. Once convinced, then speak about it. In today's Christendom, it is difficult because you have scores of believers who would say the same withouth checking the facts. Therefore as you said, loads of prayer and humbling before the Almighty is required.



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