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This Message Forum is to discuss spiritual topics only. Please avoid personal or assembly matters.
Let us use this facility for our spiritual enrichment and for bringing glory to our Lord almighty.
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# 00090 :  friendship with non believers
I wanted to know can we make friendship with the ones who dont believe christ cause i have got mostly non believers as friends????
Post by : bejoyaranmula  View Profile    since : 16 Nov 2005

Reply by : Varghese   View Profile   Since : 16 Nov 2005 8:46:50 AM Close
God has called us out of the world and has then put us back into the world to be His representatives. We are ambassadors of His kingdom on the earth. We are in the world but not of the world.

We can definitely have non-believing friends provided that we influence them to Christ and not allow ourselves to be influenced by them to turn from Christ. The greatest testimony that we can share is by opening our lives & being transparent. Such an act makes us accountable to God and to man as to how we live. When our lives are exhibited as a silent Gospel, it will draw people to Christ. Others will start to see the difference is us and would be drawn by the Holy Spirit.

On a cautionary note, we must realize that our actions are to be holy too and that ends do not necessarily justify the means. We must be careful not to indulge in unholy practices to win our peers’ acceptance.

Ask the Lord for wisdom as to how to conduct with your non-believer friends so that His name is glorified and His plan for man is revealed in & thru you!

God Bless!

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Reply by : George P. Koshy   View Profile   Since : 16 Nov 2005 8:50:51 AM Close
Dear 'bejoyaranmula,'

First, let me admit that I don't know you. Therefore, there are many questions that should be answered, before answering yours. "Are you a believer in jesus Christ as your personal Savior, Lord, and God?" is one of them. "Where do you fellowship with other christians?" is another one.

A very general answer to your question will be: Our Lord was with the Tax Gatherers and people of low esteem, because He came to save them. We are to preach the gospel of salvation to such. That may need certain friendship. If you are living in this world, then that may require certain friendship with unbelievers. Paul had this kind of friendship, especially when he was chained to Roman soldiers. Many came to know the Lord as their Savior.

Having said these, let me ask, do you preach the gospel of salvation to your unbelieving friends? Or, do you just go along with them, to be conformed to this world? The later is not scriptural. You have to maintain your testimony as a child of God, if you are one.

Shalom malekim!!!

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Reply by : ifellinlovewithamalayalee   View Profile   Since : 23 Oct 2011 6:01:57 AM Close

well said..


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Reply by : jobinsam200   View Profile   Since : 10 Nov 2011 6:40:20 AM Close

you just reffer 1 cor 5:9-11

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