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This Message Forum is to discuss spiritual topics only. Please avoid personal or assembly matters.
Let us use this facility for our spiritual enrichment and for bringing glory to our Lord almighty.
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# 01401 :  AMAN'S Postings
Dear Readers,

'Aman' and 'Dattaswamy' are not the same. Aman is just copying 'Swamy's' postings from the below links.

Request all of you to please do away from his false teachings as it is contrary to Biblical teachings.

Miracles of dattaswami

Some extracts from Dattaswamy's teachings...

"If one worships God as the inert energy like light or fire, he will be
The light or fire in the next birth, if one worships God as formless,
He will be born as the formless space. who worships the inert objects shall be born as an inert object like stone."

"what ever is existing is created by God and that is created because God liked it, you must also like every thing and every body in His system created by Himself. Even the atheist, who scolds God is liked by God like a hot dish of chilly in the meals. In fact, God requested His loyal servant, Jaya, who is standing before His gate to take the role of Shishupala and scold Him continuously hundred times! God wanted to eat hundred hot dishes continuously since He was bored with the continuous sweet praises of devotees"

"This world is said to be constituted by the three fundamental qualities (Sattvam, Rajas and Tamas), but remember, this world is made of the three qualities only from the point of God. This means, for God only, this entire creation is imaginary"

"Praying God to solve a problem is the most foolish path of ignorance"

"Shiva Lingam represents the energetic wave"

"The essence of all the religions is one and the same"

With Christian Love,

Post by : jimple  View Profile    since : 26 Sep 2007

Reply by : aman   View Profile   Since : 26 Sep 2007 9:48:52 PM Close
"Praying God to solve a problem is the most foolish path of ignorance"


I hope you will not delete this post!

Dear beloved in Christ, even though you are devotee of Jesus, you seems to not understood the verses of Jesus correctly. Jesus never encouraged ones attachment to the world. In the contrary, He stressed upon the effort to come out of all worldly attachments and only to Love Him. But unfortunately so called His followers are using Him as a means for strengthening their worldly bonds. They mostly approach Jesus for solving their personal problme like getting cure, success in their business etc. This Jesus do not like, becasue the devotee approaches Him with SELFISH DESIRE and as a BUSINESS MAN.

Jesus want you to love Him the way you love your children. In case of your children are you showing this sort of hypocrysy??

Are you love him based on business? You really love Him without any expectation, and even if he harm you also you are giving all your wealth to him only.

The troubles in your life are the turing point to turn towards Jesus. If you are not enjoing the troubles then you are lost. Troubles will reduce your egoism and will make you trun towards Jesus atlest that time.

So, my point here is that you have to LOVE JESUS, more than anything in this world. If you appraoch such lovable Lord only for your personal needs then it is not at all justified. The troubles you are undergoing is only because of your own actions only. Jesus is not responsible for that. So when you approach Jesus, drop all your selfishness and consider Him as you child and love Him and serve Him without any EXPECATION. This is the point i wanted you make through the above qouted post. I am not against prayer, but i am against selfish prayer. You should pray to Jesus for inducing love on Him not for personal needs,which He knows very well before your asking. If you are in search of His kindgom and His divine knoweldge everything will be added to you in a most unimaginable way!

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Reply by : aman   View Profile   Since : 27 Sep 2007 1:35:59 PM Close
jimple ;
The spiritual journey is to transform yourself from ignorant soul to realized soul and finally to become the liberated soul which is called as the complete salvation. You have to be dear and near to Jesus to become a liberated soul. This transformation is possible by Jesus's grace only. Jesus grace comes only when you are in true path. You can go in the true path if you get the true knowledge from Jesus only. This is the divine cycle. The true path is selfless service through words, mind, intelligence and work and fruit of work. Such five-fold service is rendered by you to your body and your family members. An ignorant soul is controlled by ignorance, which is real. A realized soul has neither ignorance nor the grace of God. This middle stage comes because, in this stage, the soul serves the Lord through words, mind and intelligence but not through work and fruit of work. The service is theoretical but not practical. In this stage, the coverage of ignorance is removed but the practical effect is not removed. He realizes the Truth but is unable to practice it. In the final stage Jesus ís grace dawns on him and the ignorance is removed theoretically and practically. The ignorance may exist in this stage also as a helper for the full entertainment. Such ignorance may appear real from the view of liberated soul also, but it will be removed by Jesus whenever the scheduled duration ends. Such real ignorance is imposed by Jesus also on Himself, which goes after the fixed schedule ends.
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Reply by : jimple   View Profile   Since : 28 Sep 2007 1:54:37 AM Close
Dear Aman,

Please write alteast one word by your own instead of copying from somewhere else.

With Christian love,


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Reply by : kurienjohn   View Profile   Since : 28 Sep 2007 2:27:24 AM Close
Let Aman have his childlike delights! Why does it worry so many people on this site and why does it bring many into unrest and especially soulish unrest?
"We know what we worship."
John Kurien
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