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This Message Forum is to discuss spiritual topics only. Please avoid personal or assembly matters.
Let us use this facility for our spiritual enrichment and for bringing glory to our Lord almighty.
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# 01452 :  Bread and Wine
Bothers, i am writing this letter with very disappointed heart.
Last week in my church, after finshing meeting i had been with bread and wine at table. that time one of our sister(She didnt get Baptisam) came and asked for wine in a open mind view, then she took wine and drunk. after that one of elder woman came and scold me a lot because of my mistake.
So i want know the fact depend upon bread and wine.
Is it any problem for drinking wine, a person who is not a baptisied.

Can any woman can give any advise at Meeting?

Post by : godlymathew  View Profile    since : 11 Nov 2007

Reply by : wilson609   View Profile   Since : 11 Nov 2007 8:37:38 PM Close
dear bro godlymathew,
if the dear sister has asked little bit of the wine,after the worship meeting,you haven't done anything wrong in offerring her.i have seen our own children being given to eat and drink, the bread and the wine,after the meeting who are not born again.
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Reply by : kumbanadan   View Profile   Since : 11 Nov 2007 10:56:36 PM Close
Dear Bro. Godly Mathew
I appreciate greatly your simplicity.
May God Bless you.
The remains of the bread & wine has no sanctity after the worship service. In some places, some one consume it, in some places, it goes to waste basket. So whether a brother , or sister, baptised or unbaptised, saved or unsaved eats it no problem.
Then, again that sister has no right to correct you. It looks she behaves like an 'Elder' in the assembly.
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Reply by : samuel.v.j   View Profile   Since : 12 Nov 2007 8:15:50 AM Close
Dear Br.Godly mathew in Christ,

I too agree with the brethren who have wrote before me, but I would like to have one more doubt cleared, was the sister so much thirsty so that she could not wait uptil she reached home,or she wanted to taste how the wine would be , if she is a child not matured it doesnt matter, but usually those matured and are aware about the bread and wine who are not born again or even not baptised dont ask for the remanants as a practice, the elderly brethren or brethren remaining at last shares it, before worship and after worship the bread is a bread and wine is the wine, it prominence is that when we partake, the resemblance of the body that was bruised for us and the blood that was shed for us.

Yours in Christ

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Reply by :   View Profile   Since : 12 Nov 2007 10:19:02 AM Close
The bread and wine have no significane after consumption by all the saints in the meeting during the rememberance of the Lord and therefore you have not done anything wrong by giving it to someone else - whether he/she was hungry, thirsty, born again or baptized.

This is another example of how legalism slowly creeps into our assemblies.

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