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# 00079 :  Church Transitions in America
Howdy all!

I'm new to this website, and I've enjoyed reading your topics and thanks for the honesty!

I am interested to hear thoughts you might have on the transitions of the indian brethren church in America. To explain, I attend a malayalee brethren church in Texas that has been around for almost 25 years. We were formed by a small number of families and have grown since,through relatives immigrating or families moving from other churches.

I am concerned about the growth and direction of our assembly. I feel we lack vision and purpose. It seems to me that we exist only to provide malaylees a place of worship within a comfortable social enviorment. However, we have no vision beyond this. I desire to see our assembly become a vibrant church reaching out to people of all races in our area and discipling existing members within the church.

If I could put all this into a question, I would ask 'how far does the indian brethren church become relavant to the culture we live in today and what should be the purpose of our existence in America'? I know we are called by a great calling to 'make disciples of all nations', but what does that or should that look like in the assembly?

Thanks guys!

Post by : sahan  View Profile    since : 12 Jul 2005

Reply by : tomj   View Profile   Since : 27 Jul 2005 10:25:15 AM Close
Dear ‘sahan’:

You addressed some key issues in your posting. You didn’t get any response so far, partly because ‘truth hurts’ and partly because it could be responded only by people who regularly attend the ‘Indian Assemblies’ in the USA.

I have noticed that such sentiments are rather prevalent among the young people in the ‘Indian meetings’ and somehow is not taken seriously by the older folks. Only time will tell the real effectiveness of the ‘Indian Assemblies’ in North America.

I hope someone would be able to share how well their meetings are; where young people are happy to come and worship; be taught by able men; where they can bring their friends who are interested to know what they do irrespective of color; where there is a sincere effort to share the gospel to others and those newly saved ones would be accepted just as Christ (the Head of the Church) would have in their meetings. Try to pattern after such an Assembly and being that the will of God for any local Assembly, He would bless it.


Tom J

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Reply by : thomsben   View Profile   Since : 27 Jul 2005 1:59:07 PM Close
Dear Sahan

You have indeed brought very sensitive and important topic to this forum. I appriciate your concern and dedication.
I am a recent immigrant to the United States and Texas in particuler. Having been brought up in assemblies in North India, South India, the Middle East and now in US, it provides me a new, or as you may call it, an outsider perspective to this whole situation.
The concern you have voiced is not something that is unique to the American Indian assemblies, but it perculates to all the Indian gatherings around the world.
However, especially in the US, I feel an urgent need to introspect and analyse our situation. Let us look at it in this way- Most of us who have come to the US have come with one aim: To earn more money or to have a good life. Did we think of how we would be used in spreading the gospel here? - NO! So many of the members in these Indian assemblies have a completely different perspective to life. Chruch for them is not a gathering of saints for the glory of God, but it is percieved as a social gathering where you can show off your talents and your leadership skills.
Then, do we need Malayalam assemblies in an american culture?- WE DO! There is a huge field open for the Indians in the US. I have a neighbour who has emigrated from Bihar in India. I would never have been able to preach the gospel to him in his hometown, especially him being a Muslim. But Praise God! I can boldly approach him here and minister to him.

So, in conclusion I would say that not only the Indian assemblies but any assembly in general; Once it loses its vision and perspective it is in danger of falling away. Try to find out the vision of the members of your assembly. And believe me brother/sister, you can start a change right in your assembly!

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Reply by :   View Profile   Since : 27 Jul 2005 6:23:15 PM Close
I am sorry, if I am hurting anybody. I am writting this. Our brotheren forefathers do not wanted american dollar to spread the gospel. They do not want to come to america and preach gospel. They have ministry in India. There are so many american missionaries to preach the gospel around the world. That is their vision and mission. If you have real burden, you must go to India and preach. You don't know the financial problem those bretheren evangelists facing. KB are proud that we are not a salary based evangelists and do not have a structural administration. The immigrants came to live in america, not to spread the word of God. They have no problem regarding their children going to english assembly. They make sure their children know the word of God.

If you have problem, that they are following american culture (naturally they don't understand malayalam)they have to teach their kids at church the way they understand. (I don't know who are those parents and kids).

I wrote in another thread about this cultural mistake because kb net was talking about HS, fasting and prayer,and worshiping in a different way than the bible teach. That head is locked somewhere. I don't know whose idea is this. kb net critizize most of the ministry. kb net do not have a positive attitude. They say this make no sense. I am asking again is this a joke?

I am sorry, I am writting in public. Personally I do not have a call for ministry. I pray for all evangelists working around the world. When ever I get a chance i talk about Jesus. It is not my ministry. My husband is a pastor. He is not doing any outside ministry work. We are a group of people who want to come together to worship, where we live together.They want a leadership. That is all. So we have a chruch and its administration.Hope I cleared what I wrote on the other thread.



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Reply by : agape   View Profile   Since : 27 Jul 2005 8:41:19 PM Close
Hi Sahan,

This topic has been in my mind since i came to United states. I came April 2004 and i could really feel the vaccume in the brethern assemblies. What i have found and what i realised is that people came to US since last may be 20-30 years back, they came here to have a good life or in other words to make money and also have good family life. These people became older and now they are church leaders or we call "Muppan's." am really sorry to say that and pls forgive me if some one gets hurt. These people don't know a bit of what the Bible is. they don't know any thing about how to lead a church and how to grow a church. And i could understand that these people don't have any leadership qualities, and we all know if a church elder does not have the basic qualifications how will the assembly grow and many things that is related for the growth of the church. am not telling that i know every thing, Am from M.P and i was grown up in a very spiritual enviorment where there was leadership, there was gifted teachers. So this is what i think that id lacking in US assemblies and 1 thing we all can do is JUST PRAY.

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Reply by : llcj   View Profile   Since : 2 Aug 2005 12:04:59 PM Close
We are facing a transition of language and culture here in North America. The parents with older children realize this and are sypathetic when their children raise these issues. However, they are very strongly resisted by those whose kids are young (i.e. younger than 15).

We have a couple options--start our own assemblies in English. But then we drain all the other local bodies of able young couples and young adults. The other option, which is much better, in my opinion, is to start with a group of core believers, meet for prayer and try to effect change by prayer and living by example.

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Reply by : catburglur   View Profile   Since : 7 Aug 2005 11:16:02 PM Close
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