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This Message Forum is to discuss spiritual topics only. Please avoid personal or assembly matters.
Let us use this facility for our spiritual enrichment and for bringing glory to our Lord almighty.
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# 00097 :  Lords Supper & Lords Table
Recently heard that There's a difference between Lord's Table and Lord's Supper. Lord's Table to be taken each moment.. its not partaking IN the Lord Table's but partaking WITH the Lord's Table. And Lords Supper to be taken only on the First day of the Week. We youth's are confused. wish that LORD leads you to guide us on this matter. In HIM, Winsy
Post by : winchuck  View Profile    since : 14 Jan 2006

Reply by : matt10_8   View Profile   Since : 17 Feb 2006 7:41:24 AM Close
Dear Winchuck.

I'm not sure if I follow the question. In reference to the Lord's Table and Supper etc. I would not get hung up of the technicalities of something along these lines. I suppose that all I can offer is the way in which we worship and partake in the Lord.

As a Church (Group of Believers) we meet each Sunday for fellowship and celebration. This includes: Praise and Worship, Word, Prayer, Fellowship time, and whatever else the Holy Spirit has in store for us on any given day.

The core church are then split down in to smaller groups that meet at various times during the week where we can share our experiences, prayer, word, visions, prophecy, worship. These are much more informal meetings where as the spirit leads we follow. Often we will break bread together.

Often even smaller groups get together and meet outside of these other groups to share a meal, fellowship, worship etc.

I believe that the Lord's Table represents time with the Lord either corporately or individually. Outside all the other meetings I take at least a hours each day just to be in the lord's presense. Time to listen and share my day with the Lord. I know that he knows everything but I know that he likes us to tell him everything. So I do.
All these activities I've mentioned could be covered by "Partaking In the Lord's Table". This is a symbolic meaning for time with the Lord.

The Lord's Supper I belive to mean more about time to remember the Death and resurection of the Lord. This could be commemorated on a daily basis or as often as deemed fit by your pastor/church leaders. There are no right or wrongs in my opinion. I believe that if we are becoming forgetful of what the Lord has done the Holy Spirit will convict our hearts allow us to commemorate this wonderful gift that was given to us. We should be constanlty remembering this anyway as this is what our salvation is all about. As a formal comermoration as a church some commemorate this on a daily basis (Roman Catholic) Others Weekly, others annually.


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Reply by : matt10_8   View Profile   Since : 17 Feb 2006 7:48:19 AM Close

I hope this has shed some light on this matter for you. If anyone has differing opinions I would be grateful to hear/read them as this is how we learn and grow in the spirit of His Kingdom.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will pour out his blessings on you, That he will provide the revelation that you seek. That he will open your spiritual eyes to allow you to see into the spiritual realm of Heaven to allow you to see what the father does. (Jesus always said that he only does what he see the Father doing). We too must only do what we see the Father doing. Therfore we need to be able to see into the spiritual realms. From this we can then draw down or call down the revelations into the natural world from Heaven.

May God Bless you and Keep you. May he use you for his purpose and allow revival to pour forth from your home.

God bless you all.

In Jesus Name

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Reply by : George P. Koshy   View Profile   Since : 17 Feb 2006 8:50:36 AM Close
Dear Winsy,

Do you receive the Malayalam magazine SUVISESHAKAN? You will see a series, about nine months, of articles in English in it. It will continue for a few more months.

Shalom malekim!!!

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Reply by : winchuck   View Profile   Since : 17 Feb 2006 10:48:48 AM Close
Praise the Lord !

Bro. David, We all had a great discussion on this issue in the General forum and it wa truly a great experience for me as it brought me much closer to the Cross.

Bro. George, yes I do recieve Suvisheshakan Magazine every month and I do read ur articles, which is truly wonderful and it really provokes me to search thru the scriptures in depth and know the truth.

in HIM

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Reply by : matt10_8   View Profile   Since : 20 Feb 2006 5:43:59 AM Close
Dear Winsy.

I am blessed to hear that you have been brought closer to the Cross. Remember that there are loads of promises in the word. In spending time dedicated to the Lord (waiting in his presence) you will find even deeper meaning and prupose in your life as the Lord himself speaks and ministers to your heart.

After some teachings towards the begining of Last year on "Initmacy" and "Waiting on the Lord" I have found a deeper connection with Him. The more time I spend with him, Not praying, Not listing my needs, just being and listening the closer I have become to Him.

I pray that you will find the deep river of his grace and love and that he will speak to you and your heart with his will and purpose for your life.

I believe that whilst fellowship with other christians and commemorative meals etc are important. It is more important to spend time in his presence, Waiting on Him, Listening to His heart and his will.

May you be blessed as you continue your journey into intimacy and a deeper relationship with Him.

Brother George: Are these articles published online anywhere as I am based in Europe.

In His Name.

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